Sorry About The Ads! (Bonus Saturday Entry!)

(I promise there’s “real” content eventually but first I have to discuss a technical malfunction with my blog yesterday.)

Recently I’ve encouraged the people who follow updates from this blog through Facebook to subscribe instead since the posts don’t go to Facebook anymore. And of COURSE – yesterday that “subscribe” function randomly included ads yesterday when my blog mailed out the email.

This entry is to test because SUPPOSEDLY THEY FIXED THAT PROBLEM. I guess the people who created that tool thought that would be a fun change they could make that would make them some money only to find out that IT PISSED OFF A LOT OF PEOPLE. I didn’t know it had happened until my brother let me know. I subscribe to my blog to make sure the emails go out, but I never read them because – well – I wrote the entry, no need! All the email is supposed to have is a full copy of the entry I just wrote so you don’t have to visit my blog if you want to read the entry.


So sorry, people. I’m hoping when this post goes out via email the ads will be gone. If they are still there then I AM GOING TO BE SO ANGRY.

Now on to the “real” entry –

I’m not sending out Christmas Cards this year. The last few years I’ve worked on digging up the photos I want to use, put together a brief summary of our year, and then paid lots of money to have them printed from some place like Shutterfly. Then, consistently, I threw 80% of the stack away when I never mailed them. Sometimes I just only make it part way through the list, other years I’ve maybe sent some in return when we get one from someone, but for the most part it’s something that burdens me all season and I never get around to doing it.

So I did something different this year. I just bought a box of cards at Target and printed up some recent photos of me and the kids at Christmas. Then? I basically wrote a few long overdue Thank You cards. The box came with more cards than I needed so I’ve also randomly sent cards out to people who sent us one, but for the most part? I totally just turned a several days project into something I did in about 90 minutes at the library yesterday.

Part of me is sad, my Dad loved my Christmas cards and maybe other people did too, but 2018 seems to be the year I’m learning that I don’t have to do things that stress me out. I’m learning there are some things I can’t avoid but there’s also a ton of stress I put on myself and when my mental health is suffering, I need to CUT THAT SHIT OUT. When I’m already battling to keep my anxiety in check, then adding something that is going to make me more anxious with very little return on investment is just a dumb thing to do.

And I’m feeling okay about it.

Not great, but okay. We’ll see if I do it this way again next year of if I embark on the whole DEAL again.

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  1. Good morning – We’ve been doing the same thing for the last two years. I hated writing holiday cards. I never felt cool enough with what we’d done, or our pictures weren’t nice enough. So, last year, we made a decision, instead of cards, we picked a charity and made an end-of-the-year donation in the amount we would have spent on the cards and postage. I still buy a small box of holiday cards, and send them to the people who really expect something, like elderly Aunt A and my BFF’s mom in Florida.

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