When The Cat’s Away

Donnie had to go to San Francisco for a work trip this week. He rarely/never travels for work but due to a new acquisition, this might happen more often. The first night he was gone I was all FREEDOM! THE BED IS MINE! I CAN LEAVE MESSES AFTER DINNER! I CAN BUILD BOOKSHELVES! I CAN SKIP MY SHOWER!

But the second night I only slept 3 hours and was plagued with terrible insomnia which I coped with by reading and watching episodes of the She-Ra reboot on Netflix which is my new favorite show.

Now I’m hoping his travel is not too much with this new work situation…or I might not survive.

Donnie has never had to travel too much for work and while the first night is always fun, it always stops being fun very quickly, like it did this week. I am always in awe of families where one partner travels a lot because I think I would fall apart. Of course, I was a single Mom for awhile and a lot of that time was in college so I’m probably capable of more than I realized.

BUT I DO NOT WANT TO FIND OUT. It’s funny that I felt I couldn’t sleep with him gone because we are just barely sleep compatible and that’s after many major adjustments in habits and tolerance for the other person’s requirements. We are a great team in so many ways, but when it comes to sleep time? WE STRUGGLE TO NOT KILL EACH OTHER. Between my snoring and his need go snuggle, we are constantly pushing each away or rolling each other over throughout the night. But evidently I sleep better with him constantly trying to help me breathe than I do without him so I am REALLY glad he’ll be back tonight.

I’m hoping to find time to shower and do dishes today so in case he hates the new bookshelf I constructed, I’ll at least smell nice.

One thought on “When The Cat’s Away”

  1. OMG, Thank you! My husband and I also have different sleep needs and it has been a struggle.

    I haven’t commented much lately, but your posts lately have really been hitting home!

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