Ode To A Table.

We went from having a 30-year mortgage on a big house, to having a 15-year mortgage on a smaller house – losing almost 2/3rds of the original space – and we have absolutely, positively, NO REGRETS. 

HOWEVER, I miss having a table. In the old house we had a breakfast table in the kitchen AND we had an 8-person gorgeous table in the dining room. We have a space for dining/eating area in the new house, but we keep butting heads over what size of table to put there so we’ve been here for a year and a half with NO TABLE. When we all eat together, it’s lined up in a row at the counter. 

Let me remind you of the before/after of the renovations we did:

Camera angled towards the eating/dining area

See? There’s a spot for a table. And in my opinion it was big enough for a rectangular table that sat 6 or circular table that sat 5, which I wanted because we have FIVE PEOPLE IN OUR FAMILY.

But when Donnie mapped out the size, he felt like it swallowed up that space too much and we just could not agree.

Fast-forward OVER A YEAR and I was sick of not having a table. So, I put my my old-school card table in that spot. It’s covered in paint so I put an ugly table cloth over it and hodgepodged chairs around it and we started using that as a “dining table” just to get used to the idea of having one there. That’s when I realized how rarely Eliah actually ate with us. Only ONE time was he over when all of us were eating together and we kinda shimmied five chairs around a 4-person square table and I thought: This almost works, but would be easier if the table were round.

So, I adjusted my size expectations and started looking for 4-person round tables that were no bigger than the diagonal of that card table which Donnie thought was a perfect size. It took me no time at all to find one we both liked. It was 47 inches in diameter, the card table had a 46-inch diagonal so it took very close to the same amount of floor space. And OF COURSE it was at the furniture store in town where we have bought every single piece of furniture we have ever bought minus our couches because they don’t sell couches.

LOOK! I no longer have the job with the fancy camera so my iPhone SE photo without any natural light (It’s before sunrise when I’m writing this) will have to suffice. 

Now, we still need to work on the chair situation – but this one is round so we can squeeze five chairs the size of the blue ones around it when we need, and it’s still the smaller size Donnie wanted. It is AMAZING how much happier I am with a REAL table in the house! I’m sitting at it RIGHT NOW! 

Those cushy chairs you see in the picture are about 10 years old and they used to be in our “office” in the old house. They’re randomly spread out around this house because they are comfy and easy to pull out when we have people over and need more seating. However, they are TOO BIG for a small table like this. We are hoping to find 2 chairs the size of the blue ones (which I took from a friend who was putting them on the street) but maybe in a different color so we can have mis-matched ones which kinda matcher our general theme. 

My kids love finally having a table too. Nikki is often doing her homework here because it’s a much better workspace than her bed. 

There are still times when we lament having more space. This house was a little smaller than we hoped for, but we had our hearts set on being in this one neighborhood that was close to downtown where Donnie works and close to the trails we use. Unfortunately, the price-per-square foot in that area mandated that we needed to find something that was a fixer-upper and that was smaller than our original desired size. The perks of being in this perfect location (we can walk to yoga/beer AND to trail running) have far outweighed the perks of having more space BUT…I really missed a table.


The next BIG step will be renovating/expanding the master bath which is a 3/4 bath that is so small Donnie and I can’t both brush our teeth at the same time unless one of us sits on the toilet to do so.

That will be a little more expensive than buying a table. 

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