And of COURSE I had to add ALL of the social media back on my phone yesterday and stayed glued to it because…I LOST MY WALLET!

At Christmas time, no less. An excellent time to have no cards in your wallet…OR EVEN NO WALLET…to make purchases with! I’m very grateful I’m done with 99% of my shopping and just keeping my eyes out for a few small things. 

Why did losing my wallet make me put Facebook back on my phone? Because what if someone FOUND it and tried to find ME? My address on my Driver’s License does not match my address where I live so had to cover all of my bases. I left a note at my old house, I cruised several parking lots (I think it must have fallen out of my purse at some point), I made several phone calls and then finally – while wandering a parking deck downtown – just dissolved into a wave of tears and decided I had spent enough time looking and it was time to just move forward as though it was gone because someone could be out there spending money on my credit cards while I wandering around retracing my steps from the day before. 

I used to lost stuff ALL THE TIME. And this is the second time recently I’ve lost my wallet. The first time I didn’t know until someone else found it first. I think maybe I need to quit leaving my purse and grabbing “just my wallet” when the weather is bad because this obviously breaks my habits too much and I do stupid shit. Although I’m not even sure that’s what happened this time. 

I hate losing stuff. From age 14 to age 25 or so I just lost stuff constantly. It wasn’t until I graduated from college and finally settled into a routine with a schedule that I stopped losing stuff. It was like the chaos of high school and college and the different days meaning different places to be and things to do and there were just too many holes in my brain through which things could fall. When my Dad was livid that I lost another thing, he would calmly say, “It’s because you have too much on your mind, Kim. The mundane things like the location of your purse and wallet are getting lost in the shuffle.”

I don’t know if that’s a reasonable excuse now. I don’t work. I’m not training for any races. I resigned from all of my volunteer positions. I can’t have too much on my mind right now, if I’m being honest. But it still is giving me all of the flashbacks to locksmiths who knew me by name because I was always locking keys in my car, or the office worker at my high school giving me my own spot in lost and found for my purse. I hated being that person and I was feeling all sorts of negative flashbacks around losing my wallet yesterday.

Needless to say, the health tracker block for yesterday didn’t fare so well either. I didn’t go too crazy but I definitely didn’t end the day with any reason to fill anything in on that block. I was just feeling moping and mad and down on myself. 

Luckily our Discover Card – the ONLY credit card we use which we pay off EVERY MONTH now that my husband is in charge of the finances – will FedEx us new cards in 1-2 days free of charge. The debit cards will take a little longer so I’m going to go to my bank and get cash and I’m also going to become the Lady Who Writes Checks Everywhere again. 

Although, because I don’t hardly ever use checks anymore, I haven’t reordered them and I actually only have like 4 more so —UGGG, this is such a nightmare.

My favorite part is everyone in my family who keeps saying helpful things like, “Did you really look in your car? I mean, things hide there a lot!” No, I did a quick glance and then gave up. I TORE UP MY CAR 50 TIMES. OUR NEIGHBORS THINK I AM INSANE. IT IS NOT IN THERE.

Anyway. Yesterday sucked. Today is going to be gray and raining and I’m going to try not to let the Lost Wallet thing ruin another day but JEEZUS, IT IS HARD. I AM SO MAD AT MYSELF.

6 thoughts on “Lost.”

  1. I know it’s easier said than done, but try not to beat yourself up so much for it. Shit happens. If Donnie had lost his wallet, would you be that mad at him? If a friend was telling you about how she lost her wallet and she can’t believe she was so stupid, wouldn’t you be trying to talk her down? It’s a total pain, for sure, but not a reflection on you as a person.

  2. It happens to everyone! Don’t beat yourself up. And now for some unsolicited advice! ? My friend Danielle used to lose her wallet and keys all the time, until she got this thing called Tile and now she can locate them when they aren’t where she expects. Just an idea! Happy Friday!

  3. Your bank may be able to give you a temporary debit card to make life easier! I bartend and I see tonnnns of people with temporary cards (they say like “Privileged Customer” instead of your actual name, so it’s obvious when it’s a temp) because they’ve forgotten their cards at bars the weekend before. (I’m sure some people have lost their cards through other situations, like you…but many people openly tell me, “I got drunk and lost my card” when giving me their card to start a tab, haaa.) Thinking of you and hoping it all works out smoothly!

  4. Losing stuff sucks. I’m sorry you lost your wallet and at such an inconvenient time of year.

    I opened a new bank account recently and they had a machine that printed up the debit card right there in the branch, so there was no waiting. Maybe your bank can do that.

  5. Ouch, that stinks. Even non-chronic losers lose things, so don’t be too hard on yourself. It really could happen to anyone. Best wishes reassembling everything – hopefully someone finds it and returns it!

  6. Lose your wallet. Yes I have done that,several times. I don’t always like to use a purse. My solution has been an ID thing that hangs around my neck. Its vera Bradley and I got it online. Its big enough for my license, medical cards, debit card, cash and of necessary meds. The only time it comes off is if I need to get out cash or the debit card. I don’t lay it down. This has worked very well for me.

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