Things I’ve Bought For Other People That I Wish I Had Bought For Myself.

This is my version of a Christmas Shopping Guide or whatever it is the cooler blogs do this time of year.

This “Great Thought A Day” notepad from Staples is the GREATEST THING EVER. It comes in several colors and it’s a notepad with quotes/thoughts on the bottom and if I had one of those I would cute the quotes out and tape them all over my house and in my bullet journal and on my mirror. I LOVE THIS NOTEPAD! And it’s only $7.99. If you have anyone like me in your life who loves inspirational quotes and pens and paper this is the PERFECT GIFT FOR THEM. (And me.)

Now, do not be fooled, this scratch-off 100 books poster from Uncommon Goods does NOT come with that great poster hanger thing. It’s sold separately. BUT STILL. The poster is SO COOL. It’s 100 books ranging from classics to popular fiction and when you read them you scratch the silver cover off of them! It’s only $15 and it’s the so cool. They also have the movie variation as well, if you prefer to but this for the cinephile in your life. Actually, now that I’ve looked there’s several other variations with locations and activities too! ANY OF THESE WOULD BE COOL.

I mean, this is a gift that will just get cooler and cooler the closer we get to the 2020 presidential election!  This is like wine and gets better over time! DFTBA.com has TONS of stuff I would buy myself if I were shopping for myself but this is DEFINITELY one of my favorites. They also have a hoodie version and campaign buttons if you want to spend more or less on the same item! 

 I am loving that the Golden Girls seem to be making a comeback in popularity and while I haven’t watched it in 25 years I WOULD STILL CARRY THE SHIT OUT OF THIS BAG. This is from my favorite Etsy shop which has tons of great stuff for the Harry Potter/Whovian/Murderino in your life! She has enamel pins and t-shirts as well as totebags so browse around and you’ll certainly find something you love for the ME in your life!

I miss Parks and Rec so much it HURTS sometimes. I have rewatched that show a million times because it is still my favorite and while Ron Swanson is not necessarily my favorite character on the show (DO NOT MAKE ME CHOOSE) this quote poster from Deviant Art is definitely my favorite Parks and Rec swag I’ve ever seen. I’m not sure who wouldn’t love to have this hanging on their wall. If there’s one piece of pop culture I would want my Dad to be back alive to enjoy it would be this show because he would have laughed SO HARD at Ron Swanson! 

 Speaking of shows I love, one that is currently on and therefore adding NEW joy to my life every week is The Good Place and if you are not watching it – it is the best show on right now. My kids actually introduced me to it and THEY DID NOT STEER ME WRONG. They call it the “Smartest Dumb Show On Television” and it is SO TRUE. There are fart jokes and philosophy debates in EQUAL TIME. If you know someone who loves it as much as I do, BUY THEM THIS MUG.

I saved the best for last! If you have a Young Adult book lover in your house this monthly subscription book club is just for them. It is TOTALLY EXPENSIVE but 120% worth EVERY SINGLE CENT. If they buy books every month anyway, then it’s even more worth the cost. My family got me this last year and it was like Christmas all year. The books they send are excellently curated so you get a VERY wide variety but they are also signed AND WHO DOES NOT LOVE A SIGNED BOOK.

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  1. Creepy comment time-I want to be your friend! Love all these and ordered several of the posters. I also have social anxiety and a 10 year old son, May b-day, with anxiety, separation/general/social. Similar political views etc… be grateful I live in Indiana and can’t stalk you. ?

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