Yesterday was good! I got the kids to school and then went for a 3.5 mile walk which I haven’t done since my last trip to Knoxville. I only had ONE cupcake (in a house full of leftover cupcakes, a giant tray of cinnamon sugar chips from a local Mexican restaurant, and Halloween candy). I set up a browser extension to block Facebook and Twitter from 8am to 6pm and I finished an entire book. 

I also took a nap. In my husband’s car…which is dead in the garage. But I’ll save that story for another day. 

I felt much better about yesterday than I have in any other day recently. I didn’t end it so great, as I jumped into FRUSTRATED MOM MODE about school work and attitudes in my house, but for the most part it was a good day! Small modifications made all of the difference!

The problem is always sticking with it. Man, I can move MOUNTAINS in a single day, but creating actual lifestyle changes tend to be elusive.

I also went to bed listening to another guided meditation which I really like doing as I feel it creates more peaceful sleep patterns. Of course, it didn’t work last night when I woke up to MY HUSBAND TRYING TO SMOTHER ME IN MY SLEEP.Well, he says he was just trying to shove me so I would quite snoring but I woke up FEELING LIKE HE WAS TRYING TO SMOTHER ME and no guided meditation will calm an adrenaline rush like that.

You know…some days this blog is SUPES BORING. 

2 thoughts on “Supes.”

  1. Yay for progress! I’m reading a book with a book group right now that I think you’d like. It’s called “Atomic Habits” by James Clear. It’s all about how to make/break habits. You’re already doing a lot of the things he suggests. I think his techniques will mesh with your bullet journal affinities.

  2. Two comments: 1. It takes 21 days to create a habit, or replace and old bad habit with a new good one. So, if you can just force yourself to stick to something for 21 days, after that point it will be harder NOT to do the new habit. Woot!

    2. If you awaken from snoring with the feeling you were being smothered this could be a serious sign of sleep apnea. This is NOT something to take lightly. Sleep apnea is basically your body depriving itself of oxygen, and can have very serious effects on the heart (as in, my friend’s husband ignored it and ended up with a heart attack!) So, I hope you will talk to your doc about this and maybe do a sleep study.

    Glad you had a good day yesterday…here’s to me trying to have mine today! Yay! Thanks for being inspiring!

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