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I’m going to be honest. I had no REAL hope in Democrats taking the House. The battle was uphill, we were fighting in so many districts that Trump won by SO MANY POINTS and so many other districts that were only purple in the most generous of senses. So I went to bed early because I suffered such sadness election night 2016 that I didn’t want to go through that again.

I hesitantly woke up to look this morning and OH MY GOD WE WON THE HOUSE. Y’all. I know the polls said it looked like we would win but on election night 2016, we knew the districts we would be battling in this year and that night it looked BAD. We had just lost control of all 3 branches and our next “hope” was yesterday and 2 years ago, doing battles in those districts looked IMPOSSIBLE. And yet we won. We have a slight balance of power again.

Thank you to all of the volunteered, especially in all of those tough districts. Especially thank you to those who volunteered in PA/MI/WI where we gained Governor AND Senate seats. Those states were very integral in Trumps 2016 win and we won them last night.

And for Alabama…my ballot basically represented the opposite of the results which doesn’t feel great. BUT! Dig into those percentages. Madison county is closer to the blue side in every election and considering how Huntsville is leading the state in so many ways, I’ll take that as hope for our state. I find the passing of those first two amendments the most depressing…but expected.

With the Dems taking over control of the House and Madison County pushing a tiny bit bluer, I’m going to light a flame of hope again. It extinguished 2 years ago, and while the results are not exactly what I wanted, they were more than I expected and that can carry me the next 2 years.

Ezra Klein is one of my favorite journalist as he does this GREAT in-depth, long-form interviews with people on his podcast – The Ezra Klein Show. This was the tweet that I really felt like summed up my feelings after going over the results this morning:

It’s something that gives me hope. Not everyone loves Trump and I needed proof of that, because often in my state and my family it feels like I’m the only one displeased and the only one sleepless and depressed and anxious over the last two years. Last night I saw that I’m not alone, and that can carry me to 2020. 

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  1. Last night was hard but I stayed up. My state saw the “light” and flipped our governor to blue! It was close but a good outcome. Our Senate and 2 of 3 house members also went blue (1 being one of the first Native American women to serve in Congress!). The last Senate seat went red but it was so close—50.5% to 49.5%. About a thousand votes. I wore my blue socks in my very red county yesterday and hoped things would be different. I have some hope again and feel better today. Here’s to a better next 2 years!

  2. Not a single candidate I voted for won, and I voted no on all those ridiculous amendments, but I was heartened by the fact that Pike County wasn’t deep red – more a light pinkish color. If Alabama had a state-level Democratic Party that was worth a flip and actually supported candidates maybe things would have gone differently. Tabitha Isner down here won a lot of votes on her own dime with zero state party support. What could she have done if she’d actually had a budget? https://www.nytimes.com/2018/10/17/magazine/struggling-to-bring-the-blue-wave-to-deep-red-alabama.html

  3. Yay! I’m with you…I was so full of anxiety last night waiting for results to come in…total PTSD from 2016 election…that I had to just go to bed! But I’m so happy to wake up this morning to find my congressional district over-turned! The republican who lost had held the office for THIRTY YEARS! This is a very major big deal for that seat to now go to a democrat. I’m thrilled! In addition, my state government has stayed blue, electing another democrat as governor. Breathing a little easier this morning than I have for a long time. Fingers crossed we can keep this momentum going until 2020!

  4. Yeah, I think my ballot was totally opposite of the outcome as well (except for all those tickets where people were unopposed… what’s up with that?). I really try not to vote candidate vs. party, but the Republican party has disappointed me so much in the last few years that I felt like I do on college football game day here (I always root for whoever is playing against AL or AU). Super disappointed in those amendments. I told my son-in-law it just feels like decorating a house with carpets and drapes before the roof is on. So much important stuff being overlooked.

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