On Leggings, Sugar Hangovers, and Sams v/s COSTCO.


That’s how I feel right now. 

Between Halloween and birthday parties and family gatherings, I have eating SO MUCH sugar in the form of candy and cupcakes in the last few days that I feel it oozing out of my pores. Also? I woke up early after (maybe) feeling something crawling on me or (maybe) dreaming about something crawling on me…either way at 3:30am I was brewing my coffee for the day and staring at this blank screen and thinking: How am I going to write without whining about how terrible I feel? 

HA! Failed already!

My habit of spending 3-4 days of every week in Knoxville ended 2’ish weeks ago but I feel like this is the first week I’ll be able to breathe and get a sense of what this “new normal” might look like. I had a few trips for doctor’s appointments for Mom and races and then birthdays and Halloween several days of volunteering to guard giant inflatable bunnies (what?) and all sorts of chaos the last two weeks so I haven’t really been able to settle into what this life is going to look like here in Huntsville. 

Starting off the week with a 3:30am bug nightmare and a funfetti cupcake hangover is not going to put me in the best mindset but LET US SEE WHAT WE CAN DO!

I found the most AMAZING LEGGINGS This weekend! I bought them at Sam’s Club but they are here online and they have GIANT SIDE POCKETS ON BOTH LEGS! They’re also sturdy fabric that I don’t feel like becomes see-through as it stretches over my body.  I got a Large although they’re a little long so someone else in my body might have preferred the tighter fit to avoid less length but I don’t mind the extra fabric at the bottom. They’re perfect for walking/jogging AND for wearing around casually.  I wish I could have bought them in all of the colors, but they didn’t have a lot of Larges left. 

(SIDENOTE: I went to add the link in the above paragraph and noticed the leggings had 13 (5-star) ratings and 1 (3-star) rating so I went to check out the 3-star and it said: “Love! These leggings are amazing. Love the pockets too.” What in the heck? Why only 3 stars then? We need to know why it’s not 5 if you leave a great review! PEOPLE ON THE INTERNET ARE TERRIBLE, EVEN ON LEGGING REVIEW PAGES.)

(SIDENOTE TO THE SIDENOTE: Wesley was playing a car/soccer game online last night and someone took advantage of his niceness and basically “stole” a bunch of earned cars/gear from him and he went to bed crying about it and so I’m a little sensitive to how shitty the internet can be today.)

I stopped doing anything like Costco/Sams many years ago because my spending discipline (or lack thereof) is not cut out for those kind of places. BUT, I had to get a Sams membership when I took over concessions duty at my pool this summer because Sams is where the concessions candy is at. To stay disciplined with this membership, I only go with SET budgets/purchases in mind. Like when I was using Monster drinks to help me stay awake on my drive, or when I need bulk Gatorades for soccer season.

Well! My friend told me about their sports bras and so I went this weekend for that purchase SPECIFICALLY and found GREAT ones for REALLY CHEAP. I really needed a few sports bras but when I found the leggings I opted to split the budgeted “sports gear” between the two. My point? If you need affordable athletic wear? SAM’S CLUB IS WHERE IT IS AT!

And I successfully resisted the call of the snapware and the melanine bowls in the other aisles. So, WIN/WIN!

By the way – I could NOT handle a COSTCO membership because just taking Mom on my visits with her has taught me that their clothing/housewares are WAY more irresistible than the stuff at Sams club. Every time I take her I have to tell myself before I go in, “You will NOT buy those pretty bowls or the box of snapware, you will NOT buy those pretty bowls or the box of snapware.”

Sams club is doing a decent job of offering just enough good deals on SOME things to make the membership worth it but not the aisles and aisles of temptation that I feel like COSTCO gives me. 

DO NOT TELL ME ABOUT SOMETHING AMAZING AT COSTCO PLEASE. It is also not convenient to me in town and so I’m resisting the urge on those grounds and if you start telling me about THEIR leggings with THEIR huge pockets then I may give in to the temptation. AND I DO NOT NEED TO SPEND $400 AT COSTCO ON PRETTY BOWLS AND LEGGINGS THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

3 thoughts on “On Leggings, Sugar Hangovers, and Sams v/s COSTCO.”

  1. Huh. I have a Costco membership but not Sam’s Club, and those leggings almost make me want to switch! There are very few non-food stuffs I consistently look for at Costco, but every now and then something grabs me. Mostly I shop there because it’s more on my beaten path than Sam’s Club. I was excited to look at the sports bra though because I am always looking, but over-the-head is really not great for me. Now if you had showed me a front clasp or front zip sports bra? I’d be all over it! Happy Monday!

  2. Costco pays a decent wage to its workers (close to $15/hr) and provides health care to part time employees so I feel pretty good about spending there! Sam’s is owned by Walmart so if you have a choice, consider that!

    My trick for resisting impulse housewares – picture it dusty on my shelf or dirty in my sink. Target is my weakness for impulse buys. My son is autistic and only in the past few weeks has he reached a new milestone where he can handle shopping trips in an open plan store like Target. I am basically make up for years of not shopping there and dumping all the adorable things in my cart!

  3. Thanks for the tip! I went directly after work, bought 3 pair, and love them! I was going to also buy some for a friend but there was not a Size Large to be found ANYWHERE.

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