2 out of 9.

I’m frustrated by the conversations surrounding the allegations against Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault. I’ve been fighting off tears every minute of every day since Professor Ford first made headlines and I’ve taken to pulling away from the news cycle and drowning myself in books and cheese dip to let myself decompress. But I feel like I must keep up with it all because these women who are willing to risk everything in their lives to testify before the court, they deserve my support. So after I give myself time away, I come back to give their stories time to sit in my heart. It’s the least I can do.

But the responses I’m seeing from…well…I don’t know how to classify them. I don’t really think they’re Kavanaugh supporters, I don’t think it’s about him. I think it’s about standing by the President, or the GOP . Maybe I call them Fox News watchers? Because that’s where the narrative is being written that Professor Ford was “just out for a book deal” and I’ve not heard that take on any other outlet or from any other news room.

So…the responses I’m seeing from Fox News viewers is discouraging to say the least. And I just thought maybe I’d take a moment to answer all of the responses in one post.

  • No one is trying to put Brett Kavanaugh in jail, he’s not in criminal court, so “innocent until proven guilty” is unnecessary and irrelevant.
  • Neil Gorsuch did not have multiple credible women willing to testify and risk perjuring themselves to make sexual assault accusations so vehemently ruling this as “obstructionism” is unfounded.
  • Our judicial system gives weight to testimony given under oath because to lie is to perjure oneself, to commit a crime. So it is a valid to seriously consider accusations by people willing to testify on the record. Acting like a woman testifying under oath is the same thing as a woman gossiping with her friends at brunch is an insult to the woman making the accusations, and to the court willing to hear her.
  • Credibility is important in all high-profile appointed and elected positions in government, but it is the most important in the top tier of our judicial system. I don’t agree with Justice Gorsuch or Justice Breyer but I at least find them credible.  I do not find Justice Thomas credible. It’s valid for us to be discussing the credibility of Brett Kavanaugh when people from his past keep coming forward to challenge the narrative he’s painting of himself during his younger years. Sexual assault allegations aside, it’s very hard to find someone credible who won’t even own up to the party years many of us have in our past.

I challenge you to re-watch the Anita Hill hearings if you haven’t since the #MeToo movement. I only remember glimpses of them at the time and thinking that I believed her and it sucked to have him confirmed, but I have listened to footage since and I’m appalled at the questions and behavior of the ALL-MALE committee that questioned her and I’m ashamed that we are putting ourselves in the position to have two Supreme Court Justices who will potentially have credible women’s testimonies in their confirmation hearings relating to sexual assault and harassment. That’s 2 out of 9 of the top judicial positions in our country. 1 out of 9 was too many.

I understand wanting a pro-Life Justice, but maybe can you let this guy go in favor of one that is a little more credible with fewer women willing to go on the record to accuse him of sexual assault and/or misconduct?

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  1. Agreed. As accomplished as these women are, THIS is not something they need to get a book deal.

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