What I would have written this weekend…

Hey! Remember on Saturday when I was like, “I’m going to write every day!” Well…I forgot the E had my laptop charger because his cat (who you can follow in instagram) ate his. I picked up the charger from him yesterday (and gave heads-scratches to the criminal cord-chewer) but then he called and asked if he could charge his laptop a little more at our house because his new cord was at his office. SO! By the time my laptop was charged, it was movie time and Nikki and I had to visit Forks, WA for a bit.

BUT! I had many things I wanted to tell write about and my brain was cataloging them which was most of the point of the “every day” discipline: to get my brain thinking about writing every day. So, the goal still worked, even if I didn’t have a way to actually write the words.

SO! Here’s some stuff from this weekend I wanted to write about!

If you’ll recall, my family bought me a ParnassusNext subscription last year for Christmas. Every month I get a new release, autographed YA book and I’ve read all of them except for one – simply because it is a series book and I try not to get hooked on series books. But these books have been excellently curated, giving me a variety of characters and authors with new points of view and experiences. This month? The book was Darius the Great Is Not Okay and it is about a self-described “Fractional-Persian” and about his first trip to Iran to visit his Mom’s family. It’s about Depression, culture, not fitting in, loneliness, family and most importantly…the intense power of shared vulnerability. The most fascinating part of the book is that the family doesn’t even leave for Iran until a good 60 pages in and yet I was RIVETED. I was already so hooked on Darius and so invested in his life that I dreamt about him that night. His recounting of his depression and how it affects him is poignant and a perspective we don’t often hear. I RECOMMEND THIS BOOK SO HARD!

(I also recommend shared vulnerability. It’s a powerful tool for relationship building.)

I’ve been reading every night before bed in an attempt to clear my brain from my day before sleeping. Even just checking instagram (something I often do before bed) I find can be disruptive to my sleep so I’m trying to do at least 30 minutes before bed, long enough to remove me from my world and submerse me in the world of my book. A nice way to shake off the day. I also thought drawing/doodling would be a nice option but my new bullet journal isn’t in yet (IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE HERE BY THE FIRST OF SEPTEMBER) and I just can’t bring myself to color in my OLD one. UGG.

But I think that 30 minute detox has been helping me sleep.

I’m also trying to run at least 30 minutes every day. I’m really trying to lean in on reshaping how I look at my day. I get so bogged down by, “When am I going to run? Where am I going to run? What clean clothes do I have?” that some days I just don’t run and I want to reprogram my brain to understand that – no matter where I’m at (Knoxville or Huntsville) – I can pop out for 30 minutes. Even if I have to wear the running bra that’s not perfect, or that tank top that chaffes, it’s only 30 minutes and anything is survivable for that long. Even yesterday in the 3pm 91 degree heat. And I don’t have to run the whole time, obviously. I walked a bit yesterday. But 30 minutes of run/walk activity because it really is soul-cleansing and I get my podcast time and it’s just lovely – IF I CAN GET OVER MYSELF TO JUST GO DO IT.

Thankfully I didn’t need a charging cord for that goal.

Here’s to September!

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