First Day Of School

I wasted a lot of time this morning trying to gather all of the First Day Of School photos from years past because today is…can you guess? THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL! And I wanted to tear up a little walking down memory lane.

I have one kid grown with a real job who might not even get up early today because his off days are Sunday and Monday. I have one kid starting 7th grade and one kid starting 5th grade.  I will get them to/from today and then hit the road back to Knoxville and just cross my fingers that the rest of the week goes well for them. It is very weird that I’m going to be gone most of this week, don’t I need to be here to make sure everything goes okay?

No. The answer is, No. 

One thing this adventure of spending half of every week out of town has taught me is that: My family functions JUST FINE without me. 

I mean, they miss me and want me here, obviously. But they figure out ways to feed themselves even if I’m not here to cook. (Mostly frozen burritos.) They remember to brush their teeth most days. They take the dog out. They do laundry. (At least Donnie does his.) They survive without me keeping everything together and organized and while this is a very NICE discovery  – it is also a little depressing, if I’m being honest. 



They’ll be fine. Lots of balls have been dropped and deadlines have been missed during the last 4 months of my travels, but nothing that we can’t repair and honestly? I dropped a lot of balls and missed a lot of deadlines even when I WAS here so I can’t really complain too much.

First day of school. My family will be fine this week without me. 

Even if I sometimes wish they weren’t.

3 thoughts on “First Day Of School”

  1. The fact that your family can partly function while you are away is DIRECTLY tied to you and how you’ve raised them to start to be self-sufficient. HUGE props to you that they don’t implode while you are gone.

  2. This experience has helped your little ones so that when they leave the nest , they will be ready and able to function on their own. Get up for classes. Get to early swim practice, do laundry, get to the dining hall on time. This is great experience for them. I think that it has helped the young ones learnt to get along and work together.

  3. I am so excited for you… I am totally in agreement that it is so awesome you can rest assured they are fine while you’re in Knoxville. I only have one left at home and he is so self-reliant that I have started going places. I went to TX and AZ for a week with my husband back in February, am spending a 4-day weekend visiting my other son and his wife in the DC area this weekend, and have an upcoming trip to Boston with my husband next month. This is such a new thing for me! I am feeling a little more like everyone else. When my kids were younger, we were a military family and didn’t have any family nearby, so there were no trips away from the kids. I hope you are feeling pretty good about yourself that your kids are able to manage a few days without you and missing you while you’re gone instead of celebrating. 😀

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