I’m Living My Truth

I was going to wait and post about this AFTER it arrived but I’m so excited that today is the shipping date that I just have to tell you about it now.

Last year I borrowed an adult tricycle for a fundraising event where I was supposed to dress like a witch and throw candy around my neighborhood. I knew I’d be struggling on two wheels so I borrowed 3 and it was THE BEST RIDE OF MY LIFE. It’s all of the things I love about bike riding without the things I hate: SPEED AND BALANCE. So, since that day in October, I’ve been telling my family it’s what I want for my birthday. And today? IT SHIPS.

It’s the EVO LATITUDE and my wonderful, trustworthy friend at Bicycle Cove is ordering (and assembling) it for me and I’m so excited I can’t sleep. I’m going to ride to the grocery store, to the Farmer’s Market, to get popsicles and check out books at the library and I am 100% certain everyone is going to hate me but I DO NOT CARE.

9 thoughts on “I’m Living My Truth”

  1. When we were buying a bike for my son several years ago the bike store had one of those. They had a huge room where you could test out bikes, and I got on it and rode around and around. I have a weird balance problem so it had been years since I had been on a bike. It was the best feeling! I have wanted one ever since that day. You are going to have so much fun!

  2. I’m so jealous! Why will everyone hate you, though…? People ride these around my neighborhood all the time. They really don’t take up anymore space on the road than a two wheel bike, if that is your concern.

    My son is almost 14 and has not learned to ride a bike…it just freaks him out or he has balance problems or something. I’m trying to talk him into one of these…not going well. Ha. I guess at 14 you don’t want your friends seeing you on a tricycle. Haha. But I just think that is stupid if it means he could get places on his own!

    Have fun…and Happy Birthday!

  3. WAY to GO!!!!
    Just last week I was on someone’s bike that in years past I would have perceived as an “older person’s” bike—wide seat, higher handle bars–and it was SO comfortable!!! I was taking turns with my daughter on the bike and having to go back to ride my own bike made it clear–I was having such a better time and so much more fun on the “old lady” bike :-). It felt like I was a kid again.
    I think between this and playing in the pool you have found a way to make movement and exercise and a routine habit because it’s so fun. It’s an inspiration.

  4. That looks like fun. I would happily become “that crazy lady on the tricycle “.

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