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Here Comes The Rain Again…

I’ve been thinking about the weather and my mental health, lately. My most recent upswing has coincided with many MANY days of blue skies and sunshine and even some low-humidity days which we NEVER get in Alabama. It’s hard to be gray when your weather is so blue. But then I looked at the upcoming forecast and thought, “Welp. It was good while it lasted.”

I’m going to try to go out for a run this morning after I post this entry because I don’t know when I’ll get to again if we have a lot of storms. I ran SIX MILES yesterday on the trails! I went back to the beginner trail group I helped start and I was nervous but it felt SO GOOD to be back! Now, I took PLENTY of walk breaks, usually on the uphills but also when I had to get my heart settled after running from a bee for a whole mile. I signed up for an 8-mile race on my birthday and while yesterday was VERY difficult, I did it! So it makes me think maybe I can actually pull this race off in July.

Donnie tore his calf muscle on a run this weekend. It’s crazy, the bruising on the back of it looks EXACTLY like every photo you see when you google “torn calf muscle.” He thought that’s what he had done Saturday, so he Googled it when he saw the bruising on Sunday and for once, Google did not make things worse. It was like, “Welp. That was easy. That’s what I did.” He’s going to try to get in with our GP this week but it definitely means he’s off running for awhile and it sucks because he is in “the best shape of his life” – as he puts it. He was really looking forward to his summer racing season and now he’s not going to be able to run any of it.

I tell you all of this because I’m finally feeling up, and now he’s going to be struggling without his running therapy and I hate it for him, but I’m so glad the universe knows better than to throw something like that at him while I’m drowning myself.

The universe is not always so kind, did I ever tell you about the day my Mom had her aneurysm in 2002? She was taken to ICU, unresponsive, so he was making phone calls for me to family while I jumped in the car to head to Knoxville. As he was doing that, between calls, his parents called to tell him that his grandmother had died. THIS ALL HAPPENED THE SAME DAY. It’s really hard to be there for someone when your world is also shaken for a different reason.

I do worry about him, though. He’s grateful it’s summer so he can maybe do some lap swimming in the mornings. Keep his calf muscle in your thoughts and pray I can keep my shit together through a week of many rainy days.

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  1. They are all chance of rain during some part of the day. So, you should be able to get some runs and lighter skies. As for the bee- what did you have on your hair? With my daughter, when her hair was long and curly, we found that the Aussie products, which work great on curly hair, are made of flower extracts and therefore attract bees.

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