Things I’ve Never Thought About…

I started this blog post to discuss some great articles I’ve read online this last week and how they altered the way I see the world in different ways. But then I remembered the podcast that has totally rocked my world and it deserves top billing so FIRST even though I’ve already talked about it once because I want to explain how it has helped me understand the value and the importance of real journalism by showing me the perspective of an amazingly brave journalist.

…THEN I’ll give you the articles I’ve read in the last 24 hours.

I started being a lover of news on September 11, 2001. Besides the obvious reasons, this was also because I was an adult with a child and suddenly world events mattered in a way that they don’t matter when you are younger and responsible for only yourself and kinda feel invincible. But, also because I had just graduated from college and joined the 9-5 work force and my life had calmed down enough that was I was able to finally start expanding my concerns to the outside world beyond surviving my last few years of college as a working single Mom.

That said…journalism was not something I thought a lot about until the most recent election. I’ve been thinking a lot about how there are wide swaths of our country who no longer respect real investigative and unbiased journalism and yet we’ve seen some of the best journalism in the last two years than I’ve seen in a lot of my lifetime. I think about the bravery of Ronan Farrow for having to listen to all of the Weinstein stories before he opened up that scandal and how hard it would be to hear the same abuse time and time again. I think about the diligence of Nikole Hannah-Jones and the tireless effort she has put into her stories about school segregation and unfair housing practices. I think about the people in the White House press corp who stick it out even if they’re being abused.

But nothing has REALLY given me insight into the world of journalists who cover terrorism until I started listening to the Caliphate podcast from the New York Times. I listen through iTunes because I can’t afford a NYT subscription right now and I hate it because I would LOVE to hear it when it’s actually released every week. Rukmini Callimachi is my new hero and the reporting she talks about (that she’s been doing for years) shows bravery for the sake of reporting beyond anything I’ve ever read about. And the podcast just takes you to places in ways I’ve never experienced. The one released this week (on iTunes) was recorded the day Iraqi forces took Mosul back from ISIS and listening to them describe what they’re seeing as she’s desperately trying to find records amidst the rubble is FASCINATING. I just can’t recommend this podcast enough. If you only listen to ONE podcast in 2018, let it be this one. And it’s not political. She discusses that the two approaches to terrorist occupations of territories produce two different kinds of terrorist. No approach seems to not have a ripple effect that produces more terrorists. I think it’s an important piece of reporting EVERYONE needs to listen to.


NOW! These are the amazing articles I’ve read in last 24 hours. I wanted to share them with you because they all added new perspectives to my view of the world and I’m forever saying that accepting new views of the world is what will keep us from dying stagnant and unchangeable minds.

Dear Conference Organizers: You’re Doing Chairs Wrong

Now, Roxanne Gay in her book “Hunger” introduced me to the idea that if you are obese, seating is always a concern. She scouts out restaurant photos online before she accepts an invitation to dinner to make sure she’s not put in a chair with arms that she can’t sit in, she asks organizers about seating before speaking on stage because she has the real concern about worrying about breaking a chair. Her perspective was illuminating and I felt ashamed I had never considered it.

This article is about chairs for ALL women who are asked to speak at events and it’s fascinating and brings up things I’ve never considered because A) I’ve only spoken on stage a handful of times and B) I’m most often more comfortable in pants. So many things in this article that professional women have to deal with that I never even thought about! Check it out!

Laziness Does Not Exist

I call myself lazy ALL OF THE TIME and while sometimes I’m being silly, a lot of the times I’m being serious. This article totally rocked my world because in many of the examples (like when’s she’s discussing homelessness) I would NEVER say the person was lazy. I would always allow them to be more complex and nuanced, but with me? Me I just reduce everything to laziness and not only is that NOT FAIR but it is also NOT TRUE and another example of me seeing humans that contain multitudes around me but always being reductive and insulting of my own motivations.

Hey what’s up, that HTTYD 3 poster got me fucked up

WOAH. This one blew my mind. I’ve never considered the fact that animators are so unfair to female versions of animals and DEFINITELY never thought of it from the point of view of a zoologist. This article is fascinating and frustrating all at the same time because it reminds me that my power of empathy extends to everyone but myself. I don’t know if I call anyone lazy because I allow them to have anxieties or personal struggles that explain their behavior. But me? KIM IS TOTES LAZY AND WORTHLESS! *sigh*

Maybe this article will help me change my perspective on MYSELF.

Have you read any good articles lately?

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