My June Social Media Challenge

Welcome, June!

I’ve decided to set myself a challenge for this month. And I’ve already struggled with it once this morning so the word “challenge” may be an understatement and this is proof how DESPERATELY I NEED THIS.

I’m going to try to be POSITIVE and/or PRODUCTIVE online with all of my words and all of my clicks this month. I’m frustrated that it seems like we’re all trying to win the award for the Snarkiest Post or the Harshest Burn instead actually trying to improve anything going on in our country right now. Since I’m falling into the same pit of snark instead of action and so I wanted to challenge myself. I do often feel like the situation is dire and I have little power and even less time but I can use my clicks and my words online in a different way that supports ACTION and INFORMATION instead of SNARK and SARCASM. It’s not much, but imagine if we ALL did it?

As in, no more re-tweeting of funny tweets that mock people in politics. I don’t ever write those words myself, and for some reason I feel like that makes me better than the people who do. BUT! I retweet the crap out of them so I’m still pushing the mocking negativity out into the ether which is neither productive or positive.

As in, no more “liking” a funny meme that insults someone because that just encourages the person to keep doing it. EXAMPLE: All of the memes that mock the President in that not-so-flattering golf photo. I feel like because I don’t post that stuff myself it absolves me of the “bully” persona, but clicking “like” it is not much better and neither posting nor liking actually moves to improve the world in any way.

As in, posting productive links about necessary policy changes or legislative problems instead of monologues that just criticize a political position without any actual productive recourse to combat that position.

As in, retweet the things that make me laugh because those things have a purpose in the world too.

As in, post informative articles about current issues that require real investigative journalism instead of hot-takes on Twitter. (EXAMPLE: Instead of jumping on the 1500 missing children story from last weekend I waited it out because I just felt like I was seeing a lot of hot takes without helpful substance. I finally posted something about it yesterday by sharing a link to this episode of “The Daily” which discussed BOTH parts of the story that got mashed into one story for several days. )

As in, share out work being done to help problems instead of simply bitching about the problems existing. (Example: Flint, Michigan Water Crisis.)

As in, find and amplify new voices that are informative and active and smart instead of just retweeting that one podcast host’s funny vulgarity-filled tweet about the most recent political scandal.

Like I said, I already struggled this morning. Old habits are hard to change. But if I’m going to sometimes be online and sometimes clicking “like” or “retweet” or adding my own words to the foray, I could at least try to be deliberate in how I do those things.

2 thoughts on “My June Social Media Challenge”

  1. Way to go Miss Zoot.
    One day at a time, just stop doing it for today. You will be making the world a better place I know it.

  2. Great idea- I try not to post and share negative. I know I do it. I am going to follow your lead and be more deliberate.

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