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Last year we moved into a neighborhood with a salt water pool within walking distance of our new house. I was not enthusiastic about joining the pool as I’ve never been a pool person, but it was a top priority for Donnie because it was part of what he loved about the house. I always thought going to the pool – any pool – was a giant pain in the ass. Towels, sunscreen, snacks etc.

But then I started playing in the pool. PLAYING…like a little KID…and I loved it! Now, I’d like to say I was playing with my kids and they were always nearby, but sometimes they were on the diving board or swimming somewhere else in the pool and yet I’d be the weirdo grownup just playing by herself. I would go under water and just sit or I’d cross the pool under water and then go back again. I just liked playing under water and it was like I was learning to be a pool kid as a 40-something year old woman.


I had been looking forward to opening day for WEEKS and even though none of my swimsuits fit except for the one that is ALMOST too small and cuts into my neck and my ribs…I suited up and hit the pool. I had beer in my cooler and a new book and I played with the kids and relaxed and read for 2 hours and I thought, YES. This is EXACTLY what I needed.

The pool is open. Summer has started. And I can enjoy the thing that helps me leave the worries of the world behind for a few minutes at a time.

At least until the pool bans me for being the weirdo lady having tea parties with herself while her kids jump off the diving board.

7 thoughts on “Summertime.”

  1. Yes!!! I am waiting for our pool(ok, it is a local waterpark) to open tomorrow! And I ditch my kids and do what I want. I bought suits from Land’s End. I wear board shorts and long sleeved shirts. The pool gets the body I give it.

  2. Hopefully you’ll encourage some other adults to just chill and enjoy the pool. Glad you’re having a good time!

  3. I love that you play in the pool! We have our own and have always wanted one. And, we LOVE it! I AM surprised the public pool lets you have beer there. That’s pretty stinkin’ sweet! Enjoy your playtime!!

  4. When my gym closed, I joined a gym with a pool. It was the best decision ever. Although I didn’t visit the gym during the winter (wasting so much money!) I didn’t give up my membership because … POOL! It has the best kids’ pool with lots of lifeguards and a snack bar. This Wednesday after work, I took the kids to the pool and they had dinner from the snack bar. What a life! I might do the same thing again tonight. Because I can! Oh, and it has a lazy river!

  5. Our pool opened tonight and we were literally counting down the minutes!!!

  6. The pool gets the body I give it. Love it- repeating it- mantra’ing it! Thanks Liz. Enjoy your pool time this summer ????

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