Feel Free To Skim Over Tummy Talk To Get To TV Talk

You know what is the most boring thing in the world to read about?

Other people’s tummy issues.

But you know what? I was sick all day yesterday and I’m still not feeling great this morning SO THIS IS WHAT WE ARE TALKING ABOUT, PEOPLE.

It seems like the older I get, the more my peers and I bond over what foods make us sick. I’ve had a sensitive stomach for decades it feels at this point, and while it’s nothing specific (Lactose, gluten, etc) I have figured out through trial and error, talking to nutritionists, doctors, and doing my own research that my stomach does not do a great job breaking down some types of plant fibers/cellulose. I avoid many/most raw vegetables. I have to soak/wash/rinse my quinoa/grains severely and even then sometimes it still makes me a little sick. I can’t eat almond butter. No guacamole. Etc.

Basically, if it’s plant-based, the more processed/cooked then the less likely the fiber/cellulose will upset my stomach.

Now, this is the weird part. The way it upsets my stomach is not in any of the typical, medicatable ways. Nothing that Pepto or Immodium or Tums will help. Nope. What happens is I’ll suffer from intense abdominal pain/stomach cramps for awhile and then nothing else. And the pain can range from “uncomfortable bloat” to “writhing in agony” and it can last anywhere from 3 hours to, well…right now I’m almost at 24 hours…and it’s not gone. No digestive distress later or anything. Just intense pain and discomfort for hours.

Because it’s food-related, 99% of the time I can pinpoint what caused it. For this reason it doesn’t happen too severely anymore because I know what triggers it and I avoid it. Sometimes I’ll get hit by my own carelessness (like eating something with quinoa in it when – if that isn’t prepared right – it makes me sick) or sometimes something that using only bothers me SLIGHTLY hits me harder than usual. But rarely does it take me out anymore because I avoid the things that causes it.


I didn’t eat anything yesterday that I haven’t eaten before. NOTHING.

The only thing that I can even consider is that I might have eaten too much of one of my meal bars. Sometimes quantity is the key, like my stomach can handle 1 Tbsp of that thing but a 1/4 cup will kill me. But I don’t think I ate anymore meal bars than I usually do on a busy day.

Either way – I was MISERABLE yesterday. I got VERY LITTLE done. I have NO idea for certain what caused it other than I slept very little because I was uncomfortable and I didn’t wake up feeling great which is depressing because I’ve never had it last this long.

BUT! The good news is I binge watched SAFE on Netflix and I really enjoyed it. I usually don’t like adult dramas so I wouldn’t have tried but I was sick and desperate. It’s not too “grown-up” at all, minimal sex and violence. Probably a PG-14 type rating. It’s a British crime/mystery miniseries. 8 episodes. It reminds me a LOT of a Liane Moriarty book, if you’ve read any of those. Where there’s one central event or mystery that you’re trying to solve but you’re getting pieces of the story from different points of view slowly and in the meantime there’s a million other secrets and mysteries discovered along the way. The characters are rich and you bounce around deciding who might be guilty of something and who might not. There’s only a few story things that made me roll my eyes (at one point someone sticks THEIR OWN PHONE in someone else’s pocket to be tracked…WTF?) and considering how complex of a mystery it is with 900 twists and turns, that’s not too bad. I really enjoyed it. It kept me on the edge of my seat and every episode ends in a way that makes you HAVE to start the next one so it kept me distracted from my misery all day and all night.

Check it out! And let’s hope I start to feel better soon.

4 thoughts on “Feel Free To Skim Over Tummy Talk To Get To TV Talk”

  1. Hope you feel better soon! I have similar problems with gluten, lots of abdominal pain, sometimes with but often without digestive distress, I have the same thing where I can get away with a little bit like one cookie, but more is bad! For me also a little bit more than once in a few days gets me really bad too! I like British mysteries so I’ll have to give that show a try!

  2. Ugh I sympathize with the tummy probs. Some of your GI issues sound similar to problems which I’ve struggled with for about 15 years now. Totally sucks how unpredictable it can be sometimes. (I have self-diagnosed IBS-D). I tried a low FODMAP eating plan suggested by a GI
    dr and it helped for a while, but it was hard to stick with long term and I never was able to fully narrow down what specific foods trigger my problems. I try to avoid things which I suspect might bother me, but many times the symptoms occur regardless.

  3. Netflix US must be ahead of CDA as we’re only up to ep6 but I agree, great show! Can’t wait for 7 and 8 to see how it plays out

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