Random Post Of Randomness.

Not it’s REALLY Friday!

I’m back in Huntsville until Monday and I’m staring at this blank screen and it’s weird because I usually spend more weekday mornings at my Mom’s now so it feels weird blogging here since I’m usually here on the weekends when I don’t blog.

WOAH. This is some exciting stuff I’m writing about here. Let’s see if I can keep up the riveting writing for an entire entry.

This is Mother’s Day weekend and I don’t really have the time or the money to do the whole Mother’s Day Movie Extravaganza thing we do most years so I’m going to mulch some flower beds and make my family take me to my favorite brewery. We have this great double-brewery campus built in an old Middle School and there’s this field where kid’s play and both breweries have patios so you can sit and drink high quality local craft beer and watch your kids enjoy the outdoors and it is THE BEST THING EVER.

That’s what I want to do. Enjoy good beer while my kids enjoy beautiful weather.

I have mixed feelings about good weather on my weekends home. On one hand it’s like, “Yay! Good weather! We get to enjoy the outdoors at campus 805 and I can walk with my friends!” But then it’s also like, “Uggg…no excuse to avoid yard work…”

Speaking of yard work, for the first time we need to spread some weed killer in parts of our back yard where previous paths have been overgrown, does anyone have any recommendations for weed killer that won’t make dogs sick? Some people have told me that the roundup weed killer can harm a person’s health so surely it would harm an animal too? I don’t think I’d use the roundup weed killer as my friends sent me an article about how it could possibly cause cancer. So, is roundup weedkiller a cancer causer? I don’t think I want to find out so any recommendations on health and dog-friendly weed killers are most welcome!

One other random note: My poor husband slept on the couch last night. I snore BAD, especially during allergy season, and he did not want to shake me awake to make me stop since I haven’t been sleeping well so he moved to the couch. He’s going to start to dread the weekends I’m home if my snoring won’t abate. Maybe I should try one of those snore strip things. Do those things work?

Okay. I’ve asked enough random questions on this stream of consciousness post. Have a good weekend!

5 thoughts on “Random Post Of Randomness.”

  1. I’ve tried Breathe Right Strips for myself a few times when I was congested and snoring, and they definitely helped. Worth a try!

  2. I normally don’t subscribe to the essential oils craze BUT I did try Breath from DoTerra and my husband said my snoring has really reduced to the point of being gone. They have another one that is supposed to work better but it was a bit more expensive so I wanted to try this first. You rub in on your neck and chest area and let me tell you it is a bit like the smell of old school Vick’s Vapo rub but it didn’t help me breath a TON better. Worth a shot!

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    Beth in IL says:

    I found this about pet safe weed killing so thought I’d share, but I haven’t tried any of these yet so grain-of-salt, etc. https://www.gardeningknowhow.com/special/organic/homemade-pet-friendly-weed-killer.htm

  4. The breathe right strips- Actually I have found the CVS strips work just as well for several dollars less. For me the clear ones don’t stick. I snore less than before. I had the sleep study done. I don’t have sleep apnea- I do have a somnolent and I think that works , too.

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