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TGIF! Wait…

I was about to write a whole post about Fridays and then I realized it’s Thursday so now I’m day-drinking instead.

Here’s the thing with this temporary “new normal” – I never have any idea what day it is. I talked to my friend on Tuesday and referred to the day before as SUNDAY and didn’t realize I had done it until like 8 hours later. But Monday night I drove to Knoxville and started my week in Tennessee so Tuesday FELT like Monday!

And tonight I leave Knoxville to start my weekend in Huntsville so today FEELS like Friday!

Where am I again?

It also doesn’t help that both cities are on different time zones. I mean, an hour change isn’t going to cause jet lag, but an hour change every 3’ish days is disconcerting. My body is a wonderland! Wait. No. My body is not a wonderland. My body is a trashpit and any small disruption causes shifts in decay and a change in the entire biochemistry of the organism.

What day is it?

I also was up “late” last night. Late for ME. And late for Central Time Zone although I’m currently on Eastern Time Zone so I guess it wasn’t that late after all.

What time is it?

I went and saw PUFFS broadcast at a theater and it was SUPERB. If you are a Harry Potter fan you MUST go see it! I think your next/last chance is Saturday at noon. It’s HILARIOUS. (It’s really designed for people who have seen all of the HP movies and read all of the books, casual fans will miss a lot of the jokes.) But it also meant I got home around 10pm. OH MY GOD THAT IS SO LATE FOR ME! I was kinda proud. I actually texted Eliah just to prove to him I was up late. Of course, he’s on Central time so he was probably not impressed as it was only 9pm to him.

Where’s my coffee?

So there’s no point in this other than to say that my biorhythms and weekly calendar are off incredibly so please forgive any errors I make in recollection. TGIF! Go see Puffs!

4 thoughts on “TGIF! Wait…”

  1. If it helps any, I started reading this post and was like “Wait! What is she talking about? It’s only Tuesday?!” #facepalm

    Clearly I’m doing great here, too!

  2. My Mom fell and broke her hip so I’ve been here with her for the last week. I live in the Mountain Time Zone and she lives in Central. I was leaving a message for my boss a few days ago and couldn’t figure out what time it was lol. I’ve lost all track of days too. I so understand what you are going through!

  3. I feel for you on the time zone thing. More than once I have gone to NY- changed to eastern come back to central, had the clocks be changed and then gone to Florida- then back here. That paired with car time- and being the driver has to be hard on the body

  4. I live in Australia and it’s Friday here, so for me – you’re spot on

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