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Some New Podcasts I’m Enjoying Right Now

With all of the driving I’m doing lately, I’m getting more into podcasts than I even was before and I was REALLY INTO PODCASTS before. Having listened to a bunch of them at this point, I can definitely see why many want to start one. Producing high-quality podcasts with Lower Street can be a great way of getting yourself out there and promoting what you have to promote. There are millions of people who listen to podcasts every single day, why shouldn’t they be listening to yours? I thought I’d share three of the new ones with you that I’ve subscribed to recently. This is quite a range and very representative of the bizarro world that is my Podcast app.

  • In my continued adoration of Adorable Married Couple Podcasts, I have added DELETE THIS with Hank and Kathryn Green. Just like the podcasts I love that the McElroy’s do with their wives (Wonderful – I never miss this one and Sawbones) this is a couple with great chemistry who obviously are entertained by each OTHER which makes THEM entertaining. I also love how Kathryn wants NOTHING TO DO with a lot of the internet fame that Hank has. But really my favorite thing is how often Kathryn sings random things because OH MY GOD MY HUSBAND DOES THAT TOO and I find it so endearing.
  • My child (the oldest one, this would be terribly inappropriate for the other two) got me hooked on the true crime podcast: My Favorite Murder. The first 10 episodes were kinda BLEH, but once they get their rhythm and get a sound engineer (episode 23) it’s really good. It’s a comedy podcast about murder which sounds TERRIBLE but like, they’re weirdly compassionate with how they approach it even when they’re crass and I can’t really explain why someone like me likes it, but I do. I don’t love it as much as he does, but I like it enough that it has given us a new “thing” to talk about which gets harder as your kids get older. You should have seen our back-and-forth when they arrested the Golden State Killer!
  • And then on a serious note, you MUST check out Caliphate by NYT. It follows Rukmini Callimachi who covers terrorism for the New York Times as she gets this incredible interview with someone who was part of ISIS for years and that combined with her previous endeavors just gives and incredible insight to these organizations we talk about constantly but don’t really understand on many levels. She is my hero, I am obsessed with her now. I just can’t get over the bravery as she digs into this subject but also her ability to get people to trust her and open up to her. I find her reporting mesmerizing but I am beginning to think I’d be mesmerized even if she was simply reporting on thread counts in popular sheet sets.

Edited to add: I’ve been randomly writing short entries when I think of something simple and mundane (like sneezing and podcasts) and then setting them to publish on a weekday. I would love to write about some of the things weighing heavy on my heart right now but I just feel like there are not enough hours in a day and I’m overwhelmed but really wanting my blog to stay active so that when I finally have enough time to do an emotional dump on here, someone will still be here to read it 🙂 I might even look at starting my own podcast? It would mean I could just sit and speak to you guys about what is on my mind, and it would be a lot more time efficient. Especially when I can use platforms like https://podcastpress.io to support me and edit it for me. I will get back to you guys with how I get on with this soon.

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  1. My new favorite podcast is Armchair Expert, by Dax Shepard The episodes are really long, which is great for my commute, and they are funny and interesting. He interviews different celebrities. I recommend starting at the beginning, if you want to try it out. The first episode is with his wife, Kristen Bell. I’ve also enjoyed some of Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday podcast. She has great guests, and I didn’t realize how much I missed her presence in my life (as weird as that might sound). There’s also Homecoming, which is a fantastic fictional podcast with actors such as Catherine Keener and David Schwimmer. I’ve learned a lot from Reply All (all about weird things on the internet). The Moth is one of my all-time favorites. The stories people tell are so funny, sad, and heartwarming. I’m not sure you even wanted suggestions, but there you are! I’m sorry you’re having to deal with so much!

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