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Hello. My name is Kim. I sneeze loudly. Like…REALLY loudly. I don’t do that annoying scream thing my husband does…I don’t scream INTO my sneeze, but my sneeze itself is so loud it scares people. It is so loud people from several aisles over at the store will bless me. It is so loud it wakes my entire family up when they are sleeping and embarrasses my kids when their friends are around.

They both have asked if I can hold it in. I told them yes, if they want to see my eyeballs pop out of my head.

My allergies are usually bad in April and a little bit into Spring or Summer. I usually get about 2 weeks of really bad days and nights and that’s it, which is good because I know people who suffer all year. This year, with my back-and-forth with different things blooming each trip, I haven’t actually had that one solid bad stretch, but this weekend was pretty bad as I spent all day Saturday with Donnie in the back yard weed-eating and mulching while he mowed grass around me.

We sat out last night on the back patio to enjoy our hard work and I could NOT STOP SNEEZING. I’m certain my neighbors were all heading inside their own houses so as not to keep being startled by my sneeze.

I’m heading back to Tennessee again today so I’m guessing the sneezing will stay behind as it seems to never travel with me. If there is something triggering me in Knoxville, I’ll be fine in Huntsville, and vice versa. Hopefully I’ll make the drive today without blowing out my sinus on the road. Sneezing and driving is as dangerous as texting and driving…when you sneeze like I do.


  1. I can totally relate. I sneeze very loudly and will get terrible sneezing fits. But I have my allergies year round. So that’s fun.
    I have tried to keep in my sneezes like when we’re at a movie or church and I have actually cracked my back hold a sneeze in.
    My daughter is total opposite of me and makes zero sound when sneezing.

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