Touching Base

Hey Guys, life is crazy and in a non-bloggable kind of way but I wanted to pop in and say that I think things are starting to settle and I’ll be back on a regular schedule soon. I’ll still be driving to Knoxville for half of every week for the next 5.5 months, but I think we’re getting in a good routine here in Knoxville so I can have an actual “schedule” here too! We’re still waiting/hoping to get the “you’re all clear!” type of news from the nephrologist (another round of blood work today) and then after that it will just be the basic follow-ups with everyone else every few months. Mom is the now proud owner of a several new doctors/teams she has to deal with regularly. And she is just like me…she HATES doctors…so anyone beyond her GP is an annoyance. (She’s better than me though, I didn’t see my GP regularly until last year.) And her not being able to drive until she’s 6 months clear of seizures is still not something she’s settled into yet. We’re making it work, I’m able to get her places, but for good reason it’s all very frustrating for her. So we really need some sort of “normal” schedule for her, or at least as normal as it can be when you have to depend on other people to drive you around!

Fingers crossed that we get good news this week and that we all ease a little better into this new normal.

(Blog Update: I really don’t have time to fix this theme and all of the things that broke on it during the last update so I’m probably just going to set up a new theme here in a bit so do not panic if you pop in and everything has changed. It’s just to get functionality back since the navigation broke with the last updated.)

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