Letting Go Of Fact Wars

I’ve got a few minutes this morning and I wanted to pop in to tell you about a really great video I watched this morning. It’s from one of my favorites – Dylan Marron – and he talks about how we have to give up on these “Fact Wars” when talking with people who disagree with us because everyone finds “facts” to support their own beliefs. We also have to quit sitting down with goals to change minds. Both of these things are what my instincts are and so I find his words both wise and uncomfortable.

I mean, I know I’ve given up on being the expert on maintaining relationships with people across the aisle. But that doesn’t mean I’m not still trying to find ways to coexist, and his words really kinda shook things up for me. I still think there are toxic people out there who I don’t necessarily feel “safe” with – to use Dylan’s words. I’m not trying to have productive conversations with everyone, but I think his words are very important to sit with when I find myself in those conversations in the future.

Have a great day, my beautiful friends. I’m exhausted and emotionally fried but the sun is shining and I’m slowly but surely making a place for myself at my Mom’s place so things are looking up.

1 thought on “Letting Go Of Fact Wars”

  1. So so so so true. I’ve been seeing the futility of “arguing” for the last six months or so. Sure, every once in a while something will trigger me and I’ll get into a pointless FB “discussion”. But for the most part, I’m trying to just let it go. The people I agree with post one thing, the people I don’t agree with post another.

    Instead, I need to focus on reminding people to be good humans to each other. None of us will ever agree on everything and we really can (and do) coexist just fine (for the most part). Just be a decent person and have some respect, dignity, and responsibility in this world.

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