On Allocating Resources to Help Your Community

I have written before here about how my family has really modified the way we spend money eating out. First and foremost, we do not do it anywhere near as much as we used to. We fell into a bad spending habit several years ago of eating out several times a week to the detriment of our budget and our waistlines! Now we eat out as a family once a week and when we do so, we deliberately choose to eat at a locally owned restaurant where we know our dollars stay in the community.

Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about time as a resource to give my community. There are many nights where I am tired at the end of a long day and want nothing more than to open an adult beverage, put on my comfy pajamas, and veg out in front of the Great British Baking Show on Netflix. And many nights I do just that. But time is a valuable resource and while spending my time drinking beer and watching baking shows is valuable to ME, it’s not valuable to ANYONE ELSE. So! I try to keep an eye out for local events that enrich our city so that I can alternate the Pajamas and Netflix days/nights with community events. Lately I have been focusing a lot of my attention towards my library.

The Huntsville Madison County Public Library received grant money to put on Media Literacy events and I’ve been lucky enough to attend two of them. There was one where two of my favorite Alabama journalists discussed the rise of fake news and how to be an informed consumer of the news. There was also a class I attended put on by staff at the library teaching us how to spot spoof websites and how to check sources on news articles. Both events for educational and entertaining and I really hope they continue to do more in the future.

I tell you this only because any community is only as good as the people in it. And if you are lucky like I am to live in a city that has a calendar full of community events, it is important to attend those events in order to ensure they continue. I want my library to keep putting on great workshops and forums like the ones I’ve attended on media literacy so I make sure to stay up to date on what they’re offering and make time to enjoy the events when I am able. I do not always have money as a resource but I have my time and just showing up is a way to support the organizations that put on these events.

I also have anywhere from 3-6 books checked out at any given moment because I CAN NOT AFFORD TO BUY ALL OF THE BOOKS I READ. So keeping the library supported benefits my sanity AND my wallet.

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  1. I really admire this, because doing good in the community is so important on so many levels, especially in today’s political climate. When the big picture (federal level of govt) is beyond our immediate control, controlling what happens locally is doubly meaningful. I also admire it because I know you struggle with the blues sometimes, and as someone who does as well, I know that after working all day –and having to be out and about and ON all day long, interacting with other human beings, lol — it is rare I can summon the energy to anything beyond having an adult beverage + pajamas + Netflix kind of night. That is how I try to recharge, even if only feebly, before I have to go to sleep and get up and go out and do it again. Often I wonder what I how and where I SHOULD be out there doing meaningful things, but it is hard to see beyond my own self sometimes. Kudos to you for giving back to your community, and making a difference.

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