This Is Why I Can’t Have Nice Things

Remember how I took Facebook off my phone? Well, it is still off! Yay! But not because I have great willpower. Nope. I’s only because the app is so large that it requires WiFi to download and the times I’ve been weak, I have had no access to WiFi.

The access to it from my laptop is not as limited. I did put that extension on Chrome that only gives me 3 minutes a day, and that worked for a bit. But then I was having a FB messenger conversation with a parent from Nyoka’s school about a project and I needed more than 3 minutes so I just opened Safari and used that browser instead.


I was faced with writer’s block this morning and instead of doing something like reading or cleaning or eating breakfast…I found myself numbly scrolling through Facebook. And then I found one of those “vaguebooking” posts where someone says they had to unfollow a page for being cruel and snarky and I spent THE NEXT 30 MINUTES TRYING TO FIGURE OUT WHAT PAGE IT WAS AND WHAT THEY SAID TO WARRANT THE UNFOLLOWING.

(I never figured it out.)

WHY DID I JUST WASTE ALL OF THAT TIME? I mean, this person and I have enough overlapping interests that I’m 100% certain if I had seen the same thing I probably would have had the same reaction. So why go looking for it? Why intentionally try to stress myself out?

I will say that overall my relationship with Facebook has become much more professional. I’m using it for how it is meant to be used, 3 minutes a day I scroll around to see what is going on in my town and I share out interesting events or news. I’m not mindlessly scrolling anymore…UNTIL THIS MORNING.

So, I’ve closed down Safari and I’m not going to use it again unless I have another need for a long conversation via Facebook messenger. 3 minutes has been PLENTY of casual Facebook time otherwise.

It was a nice reminder of why I can’t be left alone, facing writer’s block, with an unlimited amount of Facebook.

3 thoughts on “This Is Why I Can’t Have Nice Things”

  1. I feel that way about Facebook too! I waste entirely too much time on it and need to figure out how to limit myself. Is there an app to limit time on it on the iPhone?

  2. I love the term “numbly scrolling” because that was me on Saturday evening. And nothing turns me in a Social Media Nancy Drew than a tempting Vaguebooking.

    For Lent, I have restricted myself during working hours 8am-5pm, M-F and it has been so emotionally and mentally freeing that I am committed to continuing it post-Lent. And this post reminds me of why I need to continue. Stay strong, Kim. STAY STRONG. 🙂

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