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Working Hard for the Neighborhood Fashion Maven Crown

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the impressions I make on anyone watching me from our street.

You see, our washer and dryer is in the garage which is NOT accessible from the inside of the house. This is not as big of a deal as it sounds, really. Especially for someone who often used a laundromat during her first 5 years as a Mom. Don’t get me wrong, it was a con to this house; but not enough to outweigh all of the pros. Also, we plan on remedying this situation with future renovations. But until then, we just open the sliding glass door to the patio out back and take 3 steps to enter the back door of the garage. NO BIG DEAL!

This was also how we would take out the trash and the recycling as well. None of this could be seen from the front of the house as it all happened behind the house. UNTIL WE GOT A NEW DOG.

Samson/Zoomie has a tendency to get REALLY muddy chasing our neighbor’s dogs along the fence, so we don’t like him going outside without us making sure no one is out there. Unfortunately, because the sliding door is old and not lined up perfectly, there’s plenty of time for him to sneak out as we’re opening that door to take out the garbage or do the laundry.

SO! I’ve started using the front door for all of these tasks, at all times of the day. At which point I realised I should probably get a new door fitted! Front Door Hardware and Furniture is a really important key feature of any house, and if I am using mine more often than the average person, I should probably take care of it!! It wasn’t long after that I realised I tend to do all of my housework in my pajamas, and since my pajamas are various obnoxious patterned pajama culottes with giant t-shirts and gray fuzzy houseshoes, I am often walking out the front door of my house looking like a deranged housewife with no social skills. AND I DO THIS SEVERAL TIMES A DAY.

A few nights ago I walked out the front door with floral culottes, a giant red brewery t-shirt, no shoes, and awkwardly carrying two laundry baskets. I had to open the garage door with the clicker in my car and then drag the baskets carefully by Donnie’s Jeep (our garage is just a 1-car garage) to get to the washer/dryer in the back of the garage.

Of course I saw 4 different people walking past our house during this performance.

The other morning I was coming BACK IN awkwardly carrying two laundry baskets to my front door wearing Wonder Woman culottes, my hair a giant tangled mess, and a GREEN brewery t-shirt (WE GO TO A LOT OF TAP TAKOVERS WHERE YOU CAN WIN T-SHIRTS, DO NOT JUDGE) and I saw a pack of gorgeous women pushing strollers by my house. At first I thought I could sneak back in without them noticing me but I failed and they all smiled and said, “Good morning!”

Not the best first impression when trying to make neighborhood Mom friends.

I have two options:

1) Get dressed BEFORE starting to do housework in the morning and don’t put on my pajamas in the evening until AFTER I have finished my housework – OR –
2) Buy nicer pajamas.

I think I’ll probably just buy nicer pajamas. Being dressed in real clothes is one of my least favorite things in the world. If I’m going to casually make friends with people walking by my house, it seems more authentic to just wear nicer pajamas…and I’m all about authenticity in my brand.

5 thoughts on “Working Hard for the Neighborhood Fashion Maven Crown”

  1. This made me smile. I think its ‘A ‘okay not to wear full make up and outside clothes to do your chores. Viva la pyjamas. I have been known to go to yoga class in them. Whose to know, right? 😉

  2. I wouldn’t worry about it at all- Everyone of those gorgeous women would prefer to be in PJs Some days I would rather be in PJs , some days dressed before noon. I have a friend that, when she worked from home, would shower then go back into PJs. She also drove her kids to school in her jammies. While you are at home enjoy the fact that you can stay in PJs as long as you would like. You may soon be in the work away from home crowd (or hopefully the work from home crowd)

  3. This might sound silly but last year I decided that as a nearly-40-year old grown ass woman, I deserve nice pajamas. I threw out all of my mismatched ratty old sleeping clothes and got 4 nice matching pajama sets. It makes me feel like I have my shit together when the rest of my crazy life is in tatters. Tiny act of my own self care.

  4. This cracked me up SO HARD! Hahaha! I can SO relate! My little home is in the second story of a little four-plex of apartments…two up, two down, with our four one-car garages in between. So, when I have a load of laundry I not only have to go outside, but up and down a flight of stairs, walk in front of the apartment below me, past one garage, THEN into my garage. Yes, generally in mis-matched pj bottoms and giant t-shirt. Or, when it is hot, sweatpants shorts and a tank with no bra! LOL! Add to this that I am 55 and the rest of the tenants are in late twenties/early thirties. Sigh. I have no clue what they must think!! “Crazy bag lady…how’d she get this apartment, I wonder…?” Hahaha!

  5. OH! The girl neighbors all do THEIR laundry in their “work out” clothes…you know, LuLu Lemons or Athleta. That stuff is just as comfy as pjs…maybe you could get some of that to do your laundry in…Hahaha!

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