Modern Parenting.

Monte Sano – 2008

I used to have 1,500 entries on this blog written about those three monsters pictured above. I had 4 categories where I stored most of those entries, one for general parenting content and one category for each kid specifically. I never really worried about embarrassing the kids too much since nothing on my blog came up when you googled their names.


And now, for fun, they Google things like “Miss Zoot Wesley” or Nikki even googles her code name “NikkiZ” which I gave her specifically so this stuff wouldn’t show up when people looked for her.

They started googling these things to show their friends pictures of themselves when they were little, since my blog is plastered with photos of them. But recently, it seems, they’ve explored a bit more and while I know I haven’t written anything too personal, they do feel like even stories about their dirty diapers could be used against them. And I’m pretty sure from 2005-2011 this blog was 100% poopy diaper content 100% of the time…so…I removed them all.

All 1,500 entries.

I didn’t delete them, that would be dumb, there’s too much beautiful content on those 1,500 entries to toss it all in the garbage. Instead I took an hour to re-categorize them all and then put them in “DRAFT MODE” so that they are no longer published.

I hope to find time in the future to go through the entries and publish the ones that aren’t too embarrassing, but for now I just put them all in draft mode to be safe. GOD FORBID I wrote something about breast feeding that now comes back to haunt them.

And thus is the age of modern parenting…

One thought on “Modern Parenting.”

  1. Kinda had to happen I guess, as they grow. I’m sad about this myself as I loved their stories but kudos to you for respecting their privacy and sorting through 1,500 entries. Wow you are a prolific writer.

    P.s. Your photos on Instagram look fab. xxx

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