Helping Open Rates Daily As I Abandon Facebook.

Wesley, happy to be kicking the Facebook habit as a toddler.

So, in the wake of my change in Facebook habits (I removed it from my phone and put a blocking extension on my laptop so I can only spend 3 minutes a day on it!) I have discovered a love of email newsletters. As a person who has had to send them for various jobs and volunteer positions, I know that most people do NOT love newsletters. Often people spam them or just archive them without even opening them. HOWEVER! I don’t have Facebook to keep me up-to-date on events and issues anymore so now I open EVERY newsletter and click EVERY link and I’m happy know there are newsletter writers out there celebrating my new habits.

I have to admit my favorite newsletter is the one issued by Lowe Mill, our local art warehouse (kinda literally) because they have concerts and galleries and classes and events for kids and…AND…AND…

It’s written by my kid. Heh.

But I’ve also signed up for newsletters at my local library, our local “Downtown Huntsville” group which plans a lot of events downtown, our city-wide art organization which notifies of festivals, and our land trust group which emails about guided hikes. We also have two local websites that act as a resource for “upcoming events” and that’s Rocket City Mom and Our Valley Events. WE HAVE SO MANY GOOD NEWSLETTERS AND RESOURCES IN HUNTSVILLE!

I tell you this because I know many of you have expressed a desire to leave Facebook but noting that it’s hard when that is how you find out about events. YOU CAN DO IT OTHER WAYS! It’s not as convenient, I know, but it is way healthier for your spirit if you find the rest of Facebook brings you down too much. And every time you open one there’s a digital media person celebrating your +1 to their open rates for that issue.

2 thoughts on “Helping Open Rates Daily As I Abandon Facebook.”

  1. I’ve been doing the same thing since 2018 started and I LOVE engageing newsletters! On the other side of things, I’m also having SO MUCH fun writing ridiculous content for our new daily RCM newsletter. It’s kind of liberating actually.

    Do you read The Skimm? It’s the first thing I read in the morning that helps me with daily news. (https://www.theskimm.com)

    My other fave is Eric Reads the Week by Elle columnist Eric B. Thomas. He has me in stitches and seriously brings me joy! (https://tinyletter.com/oureric)

  2. Those are good tips! For Lent, I gave up Facebook during work hours (8am-5pm). Honestly? I will probably continue after Lent because it has been so GOOD for my mental well-being. I don’t need FB all day long, a bit in the evening is okay. And I still allow myself access to messenger since I have real-life group chats in there.

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