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It’s Amazing What A Little Sun Can Do

So I was thinking about chocolate milk and


(Sort of. I do have thoughts on chocolate milk that I will return to some day.)

I had a weird bought of wakefulness at 2am last night and moved to the couch so as not to disturb Donnie or the dog. I dozed off a bit I guess because I woke up CONVINCED that Wesley had woken up and was knocking on my bedroom door trying to summon me and I was worried he’d wake up Donnie and the dog so I shot off the couch and shout-whispered: “Wesley! Wesley! No! I’m out here!”

Turns out no one was awake or moving in the house. But me, of course.

I looked at my phone and it was 5:20am which is a late start for me but…guess what? No office waiting on me! So I just took my time getting going and getting the kids to school. The morning was spring-like so I decided to go for a walk (upon the suggestion of you guys who reminded me when I was depressed about my lack of running that WALKING IS GOOD TOO) around Big Spring Park downtown to kill time until the library opened. I put in a podcast circled the pond a few times and then did a few sets of stairs up to the town square for a total of 3 miles and the whole time I was thinking three things:

1) I love our downtown area and
2) I love it is now only 2 miles from my house
3) I love that depending on which way I’m facing, I can usually see my husband’s office building.

So the morning touch of exercise, the sun, my beautiful downtown, and a little bit of hope I was without yesterday (thank you guys so much for giving me that hope, I needed it) and today is already looking better. Here are some pics of my downtown which is just so wonderfully lovely. I love Huntsville so much.

I am now set up in the library trying to catch up on all of the things I’ve fallen behind on recently. I’m hoping to get around to updating my resume and all sorts of fun stuff but mainly I’m just taking time to get some order in my life again.

Thanks again for your words of encouragement yesterday. Today is a good day and I’ll savor the sun while I can. Both literally and metaphorically.

9 thoughts on “It’s Amazing What A Little Sun Can Do”

  1. That’s wonderful! I had a huge grin on my face on the way to school this morning because the sky was blue and the sun was out. It’s been either cloudy or foggy every morning for almost two weeks (and I’m inside most of the rest of the day). The lack of sun has definitely taken a toll on my mood. Just seeing blue sky made me so happy.

  2. The governor of Illinois ( my state) has some thoughts about chocolate milk too. But you are feeling better today, so don’t google! We all need to take the little slices of happy when they present themselves. Getting outside, even for just a few minutes, always brings me a feeling of “Ahh, yeah, just need to see the sky and the trees for a moment of clarity and contentment.”

  3. Huntsville looks like a cool place to visit! Maybe we’ll go sometime when we visit my daughter and her family in Nashville!

  4. Yeah, I’m going to second the “don’t Google” recommendation. Oy. I’d forgotten about that.

  5. Wishing you warm sunshine on your face and hope in your heart. You are enough. You are so much more than enough.

    We’re strangers but I’m sending you lots of love (trusting that’s not weird, lol) and I hope you can see all the good, big, wide openness in this new stage in your life! As scary as that is (and, oh, I so totally get that), may you also see that it can be exhilarating.

    Donnie and the kids could not be Donnie and the kids without you. You are the heart of your family. Whatever your next step is, know that. You are so much to them — and also to people you don’t know on the internet!

  6. Missed this post earlier. Glad you’re feeling better. I loved living (and running/walking) in Huntsville.

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