Giving Myself an A+ (Or a “4” By Our School System’s Grading Method)

Does anyone get grades on the A,B,C,D,F spectrum anymore?


Y’all know I adore my sleep, right? I’m not one of these people who brags about only getting 5 hours a night. No. If I tell you I only got 5 hours, stay away from me because sleep is the only thing that keeps my emotions relatively stable and I need AT LEAST 8 HOURS for that.

Y’all also know that lately my sleep has not been that great due to the respiratory issues. Luckily, I take a lot of naps to balance things out. So, in the end I’m managing it okay.

But the holidays kinda messed me up and various things caused me a few bad nights of sleep so Tuesday night I was very excited for a much-needed 9+ hour night of sleep.


Donnie had a bad reaction to some medicine he was taking and had a weird episode around 10:30pm where he was clammy and dizzy and disoriented and he ended up puking all over a wall before making it to the toilet. He later recalled laying on the floor of the bathroom and being out of it and looking up and seeing me cleaning the wall and thinking this is a weird time for her to decide to do some cleaning because he had NO RECOLLECTION of puking on the wall. Anyway…I WAS AMAZING. I’m not always the best wife but I WAS TOTALLY THE BEST WIFE and I helped take care of him and his body stabilized after getting the meds out of his system and I curled up in the corner of our bed because he was sprawled out over the whole thing and I didn’t want to disturb him.


Sweetie started having one of her bad nights. She has these nights – I think they relate to the cold – where she’s antsy and can’t stop pacing (click, click, click, on the hardwood) and she wants to go outside, but then she doesn’t, and then she wants food but NOT the food in the bowl, etc. So I was sleeping on the couch to handle her for a few hours. AND I WAS AMAZING. I pet her for awhile (which calmed her) even though I was so tired and I kept getting up for her to let her out or check her food and I made her a bed in the living room because she couldn’t get on the couch. I WAS GREAT.


Wesley woke up because he was scared and wanted someone to sleep with him and I was super-loving and kind and reassuring as I crawled into bed with him. I WAS BRILLIANT.

I never once lost patience or was irritable with ANYONE and y’all? THAT IS NOT MY M.O. I can get there EVENTUALLY but if you wake me up needing something my first response is NEVER kind or patient. My first response is: WHO DARE JEOPARDIZE MY SLEEP?!?!?!?

So I gave myself top marks for Tuesday night Wife-ing/Parenting/Pet-Mom-ing. TOP MARKS, I SAY!


Last night Wesley got a new nerf gun he ordered with Christmas money and I helped him get it working (which I never do) and then played with him with it for awhile (which I never do) and we had a great time together. I WAS AN A+ MOM!

And then at bed time he had leg cramps and needed a bath and he wanted me on the floor in the hallway outside the bathroom and I obliged and eventually got him back to bed settled in with no leg pain.

His stomach was bothering him and I rubbed his back and he was burping a lot and worried he was going to throw up (not because he felt like it but because Donnie had the night before) so he was anxious and I was SO VERY PATIENT WITH HIM and I took SUCH GOOD CARE OF HIM.

Y’all? Two days of A+ parenting over here! As far as 2017 goes, I’m already a better Mom this year! And honestly? I wasn’t even trying. It’s like my INSTINCTS AROUND SLEEP ARE BETTER. Maybe I’ve just resigned myself to restless sleeping lately so I’m not as grumpy when it’s jeopardized. Maybe I know I’ll get a nap in and so I don’t get too irritable. Maybe I am just AN AMAZING WIFE AND MOTHER AND PET OWNER AND THEY SHOULD ALL BE GRATEFUL FOR ME!

Or something like that…

Anyway! I’m bragging because it’s two days unlike any two days recently AND I WANT ACCOLADES!

Here’s to continuing the streak but also to maybe getting a good night sleep someday.

11 thoughts on “Giving Myself an A+ (Or a “4” By Our School System’s Grading Method)”

  1. Totally agree about the A+-ness of it all but … typo on the year.

    I want you to get the mom of the year for 2018.

  2. The dialogue in your head that has produced this result is practically perfect in every way.

  3. You have always been a perfect mother. I love you and so does your family. 2018 has just got to be good, ya know?

  4. Ha ha, I love this! I hope everyone feels better soon and that you get some good sleep, but I’m so happy to hear you had some wife/mom/pet-mom wins lately! Good job!

  5. You are an amazing mom, wife, pet-mom, woman. You deserve accolades. Glad for you, friend.

  6. Well, of course, you deserve accolades! And record this in your bullet journal so that you can look at it when you want to beat yourself up for having a less-than-awesome day.

  7. You are (as always) totally amazing! For my award, we were sitting discussing our ideas for improvement for this year one minute last night, while the kids were in the tub. I had said I wanted all of us to yell less. Then, mere moments later, I yelled super hard at Benjamin and even cursed at him. So, even if you weren’t good enough on your own, if I’m in the competition, you’re MILES ahead of my mothering and you would win for sure!
    (We have had a lovely evening tonight, however.)

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