Thank you.

So my doctor pumped me full of all sorts of meds yesterday just trying anything for this cough (Maybe it’s atypical walking pneumonia? Maybe it’s silent reflux?) at this point and if I don’t see an improvement in a week she’s sending me to a specialist. WHEEEEEEE!!!!

She also wants me to stay on 100 mg of Pristiq for 4 weeks. I had just been on the 100 mg for one week and it’s hard to tell after a week if there’s any difference (50mg didn’t do crap) so we’re going to give that a try. Several of you guys made other suggestions and I’m basically going to do the same thing with my mental health that we’re doing with the cough: SEND IN ALL THE TROOPS FOR ALL OF THE MISSIONS! I’m dumping my entire arsenal this week and next in hopes that I’ll feel better by the new year.

Speaking of advice you all gave – I did buy a few more items of clothing to fit this body. I had already bought two pairs of jeans when I hit 155 but even those are now tight again at 170. I really don’t want to buy new pants since I just bought those, so I went out and bought a few new tops that would kinda hang over the top of the tight pants (hiding the muffin top) and yesterday I didn’t hate my body anywhere near as much as before. I went to Ross where I got several new things for under $50 and then I went to Target and bought two new bras and when I came home and put one on it was like hearing angels singing. THANK YOU GUYS FOR INSISTING I DO THAT. If I can stop the weight gain and maybe start pushing things back in the other direction, this should get me through without crying every day when I get dressed!

So here is to taking it one day at a time and using all of the wisdom you guys have shared with me to try to take baby steps toward a better place.

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  1. You also might want to consider thrift stores especially for jeans. Since jeans don’t wear out, most of them look just slightly used. The best store I have found Is Asbury thrift Store in Madison- and if you can hit there on Dollar day – you hit the jackpot $1 for almost all clothing in the store!
    The also have fancy dresses.

  2. On the cough- have you been elevating your head at night. I have even slept in the recliner when I couldn’t get rid of a cough. I hope they get this gone quickly. Coughs are really the worst of the common ailments when they won’t go away

  3. Bras, man, they make a world of difference. My weight keeps yo-yoing significantly too and the boobs are the first thing to change sizes. I have (literally) a whole garbage bag of bras in too-small and too-big sizes just in case I need them again. It’s too bad the nice supportive ones can be so dang expensive. It’s not such a big deal on the smaller side but when they start inflating again I need to haul out the big guns to avoid pain!

  4. We love you!!!!

    Also, not sure if anyone else has said anything about this… But, re your lingering cough… Did you know beer is a histamine? So, like, when you take an allergy medicine, that is an ANTI-histamine. Beer contains stuff that are histamines, which can cause allergic response in many people, especially if you are already “down”. So, you might want to cut out the beer until this cough goes away. You can switch to wine… Lol!

    Another thing that works for me is hot lemon water every single morning. 1/4 of a lemon squeezed into half a coffee cup of hot water, before you have ANYTHING ELSE, and EVERY morning.

    Here’s to hoping you are much better by Christmas morning!

  5. OMG! I had a cough for four straight months. My husband was ready to serve me divorce papers and the kids were so tired of hearing me cough. Multiple visits to the doctors with no relief despite a variety of prescription medicine. Then, I stopped into an Urgent Care, and the lovely doctor diagnosed me on the spot (after only listening to me hack). LPR – basically silent acid reflux. I ended up taking Omeprazole for 2 straight months and finally I have relief. I’ve also figured out what I can no longer eat with this 48 year old body. Eggs absolutely kill me! Tomato sauce also doesn’t agree with me anymore. I’ve cut back on my alcohol consumption as well as my coffee (God help me!). Anyway, I was sure that no one was ever going to figure out what was wrong with me and I had no idea silent acid reflux was a thing – especially since I had NO typical acid reflux symptons Hope this helps you!

  6. I meant to comment and got distracted so I’m glad others did and you listened about the clothes. And I know you struggle a lot with this but remember that you deserve to have clothes that fit no matter what size you are or how fit you currently are.

    One other thing, if you know what brands and sizes fit you, you can find some great deals on eBay. I’ve gotten some Gap jeans for $15 and really cute mid range shirts for under $5.

  7. Yes! New (or new to you) clothes that make you feel good are completely worth it. Keep rocking all of it, Lady!

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