The Conviction Of The Pro-Life Voters

I talked about this a little bit on Twitter yesterday, but I wanted to expound on it more. What a lot of the press is missing in this national conversation about why the race was so close in Alabama – is the strength of the Pro Life conviction in a lot of Evangelicals. Now – let me put out a disclaimer: I know plenty of Evangelicals that did not vote for Moore or Jones. They either didn’t vote or they wrote someone in. This is not ALL Evangelicals but it is MOST and so I wanted to shake it down for you a little bit.

People who are single-issue Pro-Life voters are more extreme than other One Issue voters. In their hearts, it is an abomination to God that we have allowed the killing of babies to happen legally in our country. They don’t care that women might still try to get abortions at risk of their own lives if it’s illegal, because that’s on the woman. They don’t care if there are ways to reduce abortions. Their goal is not to HAVE LESS ABORTIONS – their goal is to MAKE ABORTION ILLEGAL. So, at the state level they vote for the staunches Pro-Lifer so they can see the passing of state-level legislature that makes abortions more difficult/impossible. And at the federal level they want to vote for representatives that will put conservative judges on the benches so that – if the right case comes along – they can see the overturning of Roe v Wade.

Nothing else matters because – again – the fact that we have legalized abortion is an abomination. We are forever a disappointment to God because we have allowed babies to be killed and mothers not to be punished for this. And because of this strong conviction, they can vote for someone like Moore with a clear conscious. He might be a predator but he will protect the unborn babies.

And while some of them (although I’ll admit I’ve met some that don’t feel this way) do have empathy for women struggling either with a medical decision or with a rape, they feel like the innocent child’s soul/life is more important than anything else. And they feel this so strongly, no other discussions (about resources that help single mothers or poor families) will deter them. And they hear this from the pulpit and it’s preached in a way that shames our society as a whole, like we are all sinners in God’s eyes because we have allowed the murder of babies to continue without shame.

And it’s not rural country folk like the media likes to make it look. These are engineers and doctors and college professors as well.

I just want you to understand that these people were not voting for a pedophile, they were voting AGAINST the baby killer. In their hearts, anyone who might stand in the way of state level legislation that makes abortions more rare, or federal level efforts to repeal Roe v Wade is a baby killer. And that means most Democrats. So much so that – at least in Alabama – Democrats don’t usually hold the Pro-Choice stance as strongly as Doug Jones did. They tend to talk about making “late term abortions” illegal at least, to try to gain some confidence from the Pro-Life crowd because they know without their support they don’t stand a chance.

And while I find this very frustrating, I also don’t hate them for it. And maybe it’s because I can put faces to the votes. I mean – they are fighting for innocent lives and they often live in echo chambers where people who have had abortions talk about all of the regret they have and they all know someone who either adopted a child who was going to be aborted or someone who changed their mind last minute and so they have these real world children they can think of who were almost aborted and that puts a very real face to the issue for them.

Everyone is just in shock and disappointed over how close this race was and I need them to understand that it was not about a man who made sexual advances on 14-year old v/s the person who send the Birmingham church bombers to jail. It was about a man who has vowed to end abortions v/s a guy who believes in choice. And when you phrase it like that, the closeness of the race in the bible belt seems less mistifying.

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  1. I get their conviction, I really do and I respect their beliefs. I grew up in the church, went to VBS and Sunday School and get the abortion thing. What I don’t understand is how this belief allows many believers to excuse criminal behavior against a 14 year old baby. We can’t stop caring about babies once they are out of the mother’s womb.

  2. I agree 100% – but I think they look at it as a vote to save future babies? I don’t know, honestly.

  3. I pointed this out to my brother(he lives in NY) this morning, when he pointed out how close the vote still was. Yes, I too have found this to be true. There are many people that will only vote for a pro-lifer no matter what. And I would never vote for a man who is clearly a child abuser and pedophile. I say child abuser because it is sexual child abuse to ask an underage child to touch you in a sexual way. There is at least one case in Madison County that would back me up on this.

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