We did it.

And by “we” I mean the black voters of Alabama.

Can I tell you what I spent time doing this morning to no avail? Trying to find the demographic breakdown of exit polls in Alabama for the 2016 Presidential election. I needed to see something that would say that more White Women voted for Jones than for Clinton to give me hope that maybe my group shifted in the right direction a little bit because seeing that only 34% of us voted for Jones is SO VERY DEPRESSING. Once again we owe this success to the black community which is a miracle since our state is so very good at suppressing the black vote.


Also thanks to so many of my friends who were boots on the ground and voices on the phone and gave dollars to the campaign. I can not tell you how many photos I saw on Facebook over the last two weeks of people phone banking and door knocking. I HAVE SO MANY POLITICALLY ACTIVE FRIENDS! It’s amazing.

We decided to watch the results roll in with the Madison County Democrats at one of our local breweries and it was AMAZING. I put some videos on my instagram story of the crowd cheering as the results were rolling in that gave us the lead. I’m so glad we did that because it was SUCH a great group to celebrate with. There was hugging and crying and cheering – especially every time they showed our blue county in North Alabama. WE WENT BLUE, GUYS! Which we were hopeful about since the signs in yards around town favored Jones about 10-1.

It’s a weird feeling to actually vote in an election the whole country is watching and know that your vote REALLY DID MATTER. Is this what you people in purple states feel like?

Anyway – thank you all who kept your fingers crossed. The white people of Alabama still have some soul-searching to do. But we can celebrate now. Last night this red state went blue.

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  1. I am so happy for your state and our country with the Doug Jones win last night. I live in Mississippi and we are the same as Alabama when it comes to politics sadly. I’m hoping to see change for all of us.

  2. I live in Northern Ireland where we are part of the UK Brexit. It gives me great comfort to see sanity restored in some votes after the nightmare of 2016 (For us and the US).

    The figures also show that about two thirds of young people voted for Jones so take comfort in the fact that the younger generation is leading the change.

    So happy for you right now!

  3. Yay! Pike County did not go blue unfortunately, though it was a lot closer than the presidential election was. 48% voted Democrat compared to something like 37% in 2016. Still though, it would have been nice to see it blue on the map. Anyway, I too wish more whites, women especially, had voted for Jones. I feel like I need to wear a sign around my neck letting people know that even though I am a white woman, I did indeed vote for Jones.

  4. This race should have been nowhere NEAR as close as it was, but I am so proud and happy right now. It’s tinged with disappointment, but I’m just going to celebrate the fact that something turned out right this year.

  5. I was so happy for you as I watched the results last night. I told my kids all about the race and together we checked for your reaction on Twitter. Woot!

  6. I woke up early this morning thinking and wondering about how this turned out. More than I was thinking about what the results would mean for the state, and for the larger viewpoint, I thought about what the results would mean for you, and what you are working through. I am so glad that the results are what you hoped for. I certainly don’t mean to ignore or minimize the impact of what happened (demographically, as above)- I am just really relieved for you (and your county-persons, state-mates etc) who have this hopeful outcome to focus and follow through on.

    (signed- Canadian person who doesn’t know much about politics, but cares about you, a person she never met but feels commonalities with)

  7. I was watching close from MN! So happy for this! If it can happen in Alabama, it can happen anywhere. I feel hope returning!

  8. I left Huntsville hopeful after seeing all the pro Doug Jones signs this weekend, I’m so happy Alabama went blue! I wish all the black voters weren’t so necessary and hope more ways to surprise their vote aren’t dreamed up.

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