Dear Conflicted Conservatives in Alabama,

We are going to talk about something that the Doug Jones camp knows and understands, but doesn’t want to really talk about because it’s a depressing look at their future.

For the first time in a long time, the world is looking at our statewide politics because there’s a slight chance we might NOT vote for a Republican like we usually do. And I know that’s scary because you are proud of our conservative values and you are worried that a Democrat winning Alabama is a sign that we are all supportive of a liberal agenda. But I know you are also disappointed by Roy Moore and you don’t want anyone to think he stands for you and your Conservative values. I know you go to church on Sundays and proudly speak your Christian beliefs but are embarrassed he claims the same ones, as you don’t think he’s as Christ-like as he likes to pretend he is. I know you’re worried businesses might change their mind about this state and you’re worried he will do something embarrassing and people will equate Alabama Republicans with him. But you also hold to your conservative values and you don’t want Doug Jones to push an agenda (REMINDER: he does NOT support full-term abortions) that you don’t support.

So, let me help you out to see this in a way that maybe won’t be too discouraging. (At least not to you, but it’s a depressing truth for us Doug Jones supporters.)

Your dream would be to be PROUD of both Republican Senators from Alabama, right? Well, remember this: In 2020, that Senate seat is up for re-election – no matter WHO wins. If Roy Moore wins we are stuck with him indefinitely because, as hard as it is for Doug Jones to beat him now, no one will be able to beat him as the incumbent. So if he wins, he is our representation until he no longer wants to be. HOWEVER – if Doug Jones wins, in 2020 you get to choose a GOOD Republican to run against him and look at how hard it has been for Doug Jones to win against the WORST Republican? If you choose someone better, that Republican will win in a landslide and then whomever THAT is will be our representation indefinitely.

That is the part that is depressing for us Doug Jones supporters. If we win, we know our joy will be short-lived.

Yes, you would have to tolerate Doug Jones for almost 3 YEARS. But, if you had to live with a Democratic Senator in Alabama for a few years, now is the time to do it. The Republicans dominate the Legislative, Executive, AND Judicial branches of government right now. As much as I would love to act like Doug Jones would push the country blue…he can not. He does not have the power to override a dominant party over ALL THREE BRANCHES OF GOVERNMENT. So for a few years you could sit and watch him vote with the Democrats, but still not really have any effect as the Republicans hold the majorities so he won’t thwart any Republican agenda you support. THEN! You could elect someone Alabama could be proud of – or at least not ashamed of.

HERE IS THE KEY: This means you can not just stay home on Tuesday or write in a different Republican. If you want another chance in 2020 to elect someone DECENT, you HAVE to vote for Doug Jones. If Roy Moore wins, we are stuck with him. Do you understand that? No one is going to beat him if Doug Jones could not beat him now. If you vote for Doug Jones on Tuesday you get another chances in 2020 and you know as well as I do that the only chance Doug Jones has is against a terrible Republican. If you put up someone worthy and respected? He’ll lose in a landslide.

Three Years of a Democrat in the Senate amidst a Republican controlled government, or (what will feel like) eternity with Roy Moore representing our State in the eyes of the rest of the country. Please take the three years with a honorable and respected Democrat in a Republican controlled legislature, it won’t hurt your agenda and it will tell the country that Roy Moore does not represent our state.

4 thoughts on “Dear Conflicted Conservatives in Alabama,”

  1. This is great. Have you considered writing it as an editorial to the various newspapers? You would get more coverage (I think).

  2. Awesomeness. Pure joy reading this. I’m not from Alabama, and if i were I’d be supporting Jones even before these allegations broke. Moore is anti-constitutional, racist, misogynistic, homophobic, and xenophobic. He has no business being in the senate even if he wasn’t a pedophile. Being removed from the bench TWICE should have eliminated his bid for the senate in the first place.

  3. Here is a good editorial that was in the Dothan paper last weekend: http://www.dothaneagle.com/news/editorials/column-pro-life-alabama-it-s-time-to-punt/article_cb020bea-d613-11e7-be3d-27f702b47fa6.html since I feel like so many people want to vote for Moore on the abortion issue alone. It goes along with what you are saying. It’s not like Moore can single-handedly overturn Roe v Wade, and there are probably way more effective solutions to reducing the number of abortions than the election of one individual to the Senate anyway. If I were a conservative, I’d absolutely wait the three years for a better candidate. I don’t think it’s wise to elect Moore and hope he doesn’t get seated (which is the argument a local preacher made here recently as his personal stance).

  4. I feel sick to my stomach over this election, and I live in California. I can’t even imagine how you feel. Good luck tomorrow (and good luck to all of us)!

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