Just a Quick Note on Franken’s Resignation…

I don’t have a lot of time to write this morning as I slept late because last night was Book Club Night and that’s the night I always stay up way past my bedtime. But – today Al Franken resigns, and I wanted to comment on that a little bit.

I definitely believe there is a scale of transgressions as the wave of women come forward about being victims of sexual assault and predation. I definitely believe Franken was on the more benign end of that scale. But exactly where he falls on that scale – I decided – is not relevant to the discussion about his resignation. What is relevant for him as a Senator is: Can he do his job? And while he has done a lot to push a Progressive agenda in the past, the ripple effects of his revealed transgressions are already indicating that his name doesn’t not instill trust. This was the story that really brought it home to me: Sen. Al Franken Takes His Name Off Sexual Assault Bill.

A rape survivor who worked with him and his staff to write this bill had to ask him to remove his name because she worried it would not be passed if it had his name on it. And she’s right. And at that moment he became ineffective and his constituents could suffer because of that.

Does it make me sad he’s resigning? Yes. How do I feel about the reports of his transgressions? Disappointed. We all knew that “funny guy” right? Does this put him on the same level as Roy Moore? Definitely not. Do I think it’s unfair that the Democrats are holding their people to higher standards than the Republicans? Yes. But I also know that they stood by Trump even after many of of his transgressions came to light so I can’t say I’m surprised.

In the end – simply put – someone resigns from their job when they can’t do it effectively and that’s what Franken is doing right now and I think it’s the right move.

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  1. I totally agree with this but could not put it in to words. You did. The fact that he was a comedian is relevant. Comedians do stupid stuff for laughs. There have been allegations of his in office conduct that were improper, but not to the level of assault. As far as the initial allegations as to the comedy sketch. He wanted to rehearse it- the entire sketch including the kiss. This is not unusual, however the woman was not an actress. As far as the picture. It doesn’t appear that he actually touched her or groped her. It looks to me as if he is sizing her up- Does she meet the handful standard. We all have heard of this. Crass behavior,yes. Inappropriate. But to the standard of assault, I say no. But as Kim says , these allegations have made him ineffective. When we cast a big net, we will catch fish that we didn’t want to catch. One thing that I think is important to note is that we do have to be careful not to catch people that have done very little, like 1 off color comment. When minor occurrences get included, it muddies the waters and people start toy think that maybe none is a big deal. The same thing applies to the standard of what constitutes bullying. We can’t diminish the issue by including very minor offenses that occur once

  2. I’m very disappointed and I did call his office on Wednesday and left a message as his constituent, I asked him not to resign. I just wish we had let the process continue with the ethics committee. I too questioned how effective he could be, but he was one of a very few who were willing to stand up and fight. The Progressive movement is losing and it makes me very sad.

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