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Welp. I failed at NaBloPoMo by not posting Saturday which then removed my desire to post on Sunday! But that’s okay because I made it halfway and THAT IS DAMN GOOD.

Let me tell you a little about this here blog. I built a few different “blogs” back in 1999-2003, before the word “blog” was that common, because I wanted a space on the web of my own. I tried one or two at geocities and anglefire and livejournal but I kept trying to either A) fit into a specific theme…like writing about the show Temptation Island or B) build a persona that wasn’t truly authentic. Finally, after reading a few different “online journals” for a year or two I finally decided I just needed to simply write about my life and set up a space on Typepad in late 2003/early 2004. It didn’t take long for me to find a groove and decided to set up a sight on this domain: misszoot.com – which was really outside my skill set. I didn’t know I could easily export or import entries from Typepad so I just copied and pasted a few of my favorites and basically started over here. SINCE THEN – I’ve evidently written 5,548 posts, according to my dashboard.

HOLY CRAP, that’s a lot of writing.

I love my space on the internet. When I was writing about infertility and struggles with pregnancy loss my blog had it’s most “success” and I was given a few fun opportunities and connected with some great writers during that span. But other than that – for the most part – I’ve stayed kinda constant in: Enough traffic to make me not feel like I’m writing in the void; but not enough traffic to bring in the crazies. I had one hate blog write about me once because I said I hadn’t bathed my baby in several days and I had another blogger trash me over my “obvious attempts to be like amalah and dooce” (Which I was weird because – wasn’t that a compliment? They are both amazing writers, I would love to be like them.) but those were the only outright attacks I’ve sustained.

Only two concrete moments of hatred from the blogsphere, maybe a dozen truly mean comments, and one request on twitter that I kill myself. That’s not bad for 13+ years of writing on the internet. But that was enough negativity that when a bigger website asked to republish something I wrote about Thanksgiving several years ago I said, “NO THANK YOU,” because those small moments of hatred were enough for me. I didn’t want to bring any more attention to my little spot on the internet.

I’ve made some great friends because of this space, I’ve been given some great advice, and I’ve worked out my own personal chaos 100 times over in the comments section with people wiser than me. I wish I could have successfully completed National Blog Post Month, but there’s plenty in this space to be proud of.

One more note:

I spent a good twenty minutes this morning watching and re-watching the Wrinkle in Time trailer which was released last night and THAT IS MY FAVORITE BOOK OF MY CHILDHOOD. The whole Girl Saving Her Father thing appealed to me for OBVIOUS reasons, but I also felt like I understood Meg like I had never understood anyone else. I related to her desire to protect her little brother, her feeling that there was simply more to the world than what she was currently experiencing, and her lack of trust in figures in education. I just loved everything about her and THE TRAILER LOOKS AMAZING.

Happy Monday, my friends. Thank you for putting up with my rambling. Sorry I dropped the ball this weekend!

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  1. I loved Wrinkle in Time too and still reread it sometimes! I need to go and watch the trailer. Thanks for helping me get to Monkey on Sunday (part of why you didn’t get the chance to blog). Your support meant a lot to me!

  2. I’ve managed to hang in there with NaBloPoMo, but only because I figured out how to blog from my phone during my bedridden weekend of sinus infections and horrible side effects caused by the meds I took.

    I wish I could blog as much, and as well, as you do. I’m just not quick enough with current events, not consistent enough on diy projects, which *should* be my forte, and my everyday life just isn’t interesting – and what is interesting about it, I can’t really blog about because I’m no longer anonymous on the internet.

    Still, I’m trying to find my groove – again.

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