I was curled up in bed coughing my brain out (I have this persistent cough that I’ve just accepted as a part of my permanent existence) and I thought, WAIT! I HAVEN’T BLOGGED! I ALMOST BROKE MY NABLOPOMO STREAK!

Here’s a weird thing. I’m in the Christmas spirit much earlier this year than usual. I usually don’t really ever get into it at the level of most, but this year I really am fighting off the urge to put up the tree…like…YESTERDAY. I think it’s because our past two Christmases have been in the throws of trying to sell a house and the year? NO SUCH WORRIES! I can decorate however I want whenever I want! There’s no showings or construction or packing or purging or anything! So I think what I’m feeling is like – two years worth of Christmas spirit finally busting out and saying, “LET US DO THIS THING!”

But I’ve resisted, so far. I did start shopping earlier than usual, which I NEVER do. And but the decorations are still in their boxes and no gifts have been wrapped.

E- on the other hand – already has his decorations up in his apartment and that also warmed my heart and made me want to jump into the spirit.

I’m going to try to wait at least one more week. So that I can use the guise of “putting it up for Thanksgiving” at least!

What about you? When (if) do you get into the Christmas spirit?

3 thoughts on “I ALMOST MISSED IT!”

  1. I am already in it. This is a first. It usually takes a while. I *have* to listen to Christmas music for a few days/weeks in order to make it happen. This time, the music and the spirit came about the same time. I’ve already done 90% of my shopping (almost all of it online: yay for Amazon Prime!) and have wrapped the first 3-4 items. I have several shipments coming this week, and I’m getting the tree up either today or tomorrow. Our Thanksgiving dinner is early this year because my oldest son and his wife fly in next Sunday morning and back out Thanksgiving morning (they both work Black Friday; she’s a makeup artist at Sephora, and he is moving into an assistant manager position with Panera). We’re doing dinner on Sunday night with all of my kids and my son-in-law’s family, and I want to go ahead and have the house decorated for that. So I’m in high gear to get that done this week.

    I’m not sure what the difference is from past years, but I LOVE not having to “make” myself get in the mood.

  2. My husband and I were talking about this this week – wondering if it would be weird to go ahead and put up a tree. We both want to go ahead and start the holiday season and we think it might be something to do with wanting to feel better because of the news cycle and all the anxieties over politics. I notice a college rental up the street has had lights up outside since right after Halloween. Guess we aren’t the only ones.

  3. I have found that in recent years my Christmas spirit has been a lot different. As long as I was working in pre K or had children that were at my house daily. The excitement was high. Now that we have an artificial tree, It will probably go up the first of December. I shop online and hope to have everything here or to where it goes soon. My Christmas joy comes from my spiritual beliefs and will peak when I shop children that need clothing and a toy for Christmas. My Spirit is awakened when I give

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