The One Where I Beg.

This is something I posted on Facebook this morning. I don’t usually double up, but it took me awhile to write it and it’s VERY long so I thought it might be a good blog post too. It’s National Blog Posting Month, please forgive me.

A little raw honesty to start your Monday.

I am NOT going to deny that “a Republican vote in the Senate” is a good reason to blindly vote REPUBLICAN in a Senate race if you want support for the Republican agenda on the federal level. I would like to THINK I would not vote for a bigoted asshat just to get Democratic votes in the Senate, but it’s hard to know until you’re in the position. I’m honestly saying I don’t envy the position of my moderate Republican friends in the Alabama Senate race.

But I just want you to really think about how this guy looks for our state and what electing a guy like this says to our non-Christian, non-heterosexual, non-cisgender citizens. Can you go up to every member of the LGBTQ member of our state or every Muslim or Buddhist or Hindu or Agnostic and say, “Well – see – I really wanted a vote to help push the Republican agenda.”

Republicans have control of the Executive and Legislative branch of our government. In a very real way they also control the Judicial branch. They do NOT need Roy Moore. Therefore, you do NOT need to help make this man a representative of our state. A state I’ve proudly called home for 24 years.

He is not needed to push the Republican agenda, and I guarantee you that you have friends and family (especially if you know me and my family) who would be devastated that you chose to vote for this guy when he is not needed in the Republican run Senate and from there he’ll just be able to push his bigoted views at the national level in our state’s name.

I’m begging you, please don’t vote for him. I didn’t beg once during the Presidential election. I proudly voted for Hillary and gave my sourced reasons why, but I never begged you not to vote for Trump. I understood that he actually had policy proposals you supported even if I didn’t. But this guy? This guy has proposed nothing substantial that can’t be done without him in the Senate. He’s known for getting fired for not supporting federal law – as a judge – TWICE. Federal laws that support people like me (freedom of religion) and my family (gay marriage).

So. yeah. I’m begging you. Please don’t vote for this guy. Or if you do, please don’t ever let me know you did because I can look past every other Republican vote in the history of politics but this one…y’all…this one I’m not sure I could.

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