How The Rocket City Rocks

Cake. It’s all about cake.

We have this place in Huntsville called Lowe Mill Arts and Entertainment and it’s this magical facility of local shops and art studios and if you could teleport yourself there from wherever you are, you would not believe you were in Alabama. (FYI – it’s also where my oldest kid now works as their media coordinator, you can see he resembles a water tower here.)

One of the amazing places on site is this gourmet chocolatier called Pizzelles Confections and for years they specialized in the most amazing truffles you’ve ever tasted. This year, however, they expanded to include a bakery side and y’all? It’s like dessert heaven. They make gourmet cakes and desserts and if I worked as close to there as E now does I would A) go broke and B) gain 100lbs.

But we LOVE giving them our business whenever possible because they’re local, Donnie went to high school with the owners/magicians who make the heavenly desserts, and OH MY GOD IT IS THE BEST DESSERTS EVER.

So, of course, when it came time to buy cakes for my sister-in-law’s baby shower I went straight there. All I did was show them a picture of the bedding from her nursery (which is peach and aqua) and they produced the most beautiful cakes I have ever seen.

(Sidenote: I made that white tiered piece a million years ago out of plates from a thrift store and candle holders from the Dollar Store. It cost me about $6 and took me about 5 minutes (hot glue!) and it has been used SO MANY TIMES. I love it.

Also? The other tier? Plates from the Pioneer Woman collection at Wal-Mart. Love those plates.)

Aren’t they lovely? And here is a closeup of the main cake.

I cried when I opened it up. It’s was just beautiful.

And the taste was AMAZING. They were mix of chocolate and lemon and they were all just delicious. I’m normally a chocolate person but I liked the lemon one better because it had this subtle lemon cream filling and OH MY GOD.

I’ll be right back, I’m going to go eat leftover cake for breakfast.

Anyway – I just wanted to take the chance to brag about one of our local amazing resources for amazing treats. They made the baby shower magical and I’m just so happy with them!

3 thoughts on “Cake. It’s all about cake.”

  1. The cakes look delicious. Now I want cake for breakfast. And the picture of E as a water tower is hilarious! At least it is a normal looking water tower. A town about an hour from where I live has one that is supposed to be a peach but looks like an enormous butt.

  2. You are so creative! Did you make those wine bottle vases, too? What kind of paint did you use? Just absolutely perfect desert table!! Good luck to your sis-in-law!!

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