Fine Art

Many, MANY moons ago – before Jenny Lawson was a best-selling author and all-around superstar – she reached out to me to encourage me when a hate blogger who usually attacked people like her and Heather Armstrong, turned their attention on me for the day. (She also made me a graphic for my blog one time that said “Zoot: Better Than Gay Sex” but that’s probably not the story she’d like me to tell even though it is DAMN HILARIOUS.) So I’m a VERY EARLY fan of hers and I say that often. I’m a Jenny Lawson hipster, if you must know.

When she made a coloring book full of her drawings alongside beautiful sentiments relating to mental health, I bought at least a dozen copies and gave them to many MANY friends. So, when I stumbled upon a 16×20 print of one of the pages at Parnassus Books (and independent bookstore in Nashville, TN) I had to buy it. It’s the page that says, “I have lost myself and found myself in books,” which is one of my own personal truths. But I’ve since been thinking, Wait. It’s a page from a coloring book. Should I color it?

I decided since it was a page from a coloring book it needed to be colored, but not by me. Nikki has been on an art kick lately and asked for a bunch of painting supplies for her birthday. I gave her permission (with guidance on color choices since my frame was so bold) to do with it as she pleased and now I have this beautiful piece of art for my home that is part Friend From The Internet and part Daughter and ALL My Favorite Thing Ever.

I’m confident Jenny would approve.

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