Elevators, Books, and Podcasts…Oh My!

Y’all, the older I get, the more susceptible I am to motion sickness. Like…my husband drove me 2 miles up the mountain behind our house last week and I almost hurled. I don’t do most amusement park rides and the ones I do, I close my eyes the entire time. And now? Now I’m a person who – when checking into a tall hotel with ONLY open glass elevators I have to say, “A room as close as possible to the bottom floor, please.”

Donnie and I spent the weekend in Nashville and we stayed at the Sheraton Grand Hotel downtown which was LOVELY in EVERY WAY (seriously, the staff at that hotel were my BFFs by the time the trip was over) but they had those glass elevators that are supposed to be beautiful and amazing but neither Donnie nor I could ride up to our room on the SIXTEENTH FLOOR without closing our eyes. Of course, if there were other people in the elevator that felt weird so sometimes we’d keep our eyes open and just zoomed in on the buttons but THE WHOLE ELEVATOR WAS GLASS, it’s hard to not see the motion in your periphery. So we spent the entire weekend just a little bit motion sick.

AND THEN! Then the car ride home yesterday morning was storm and there were stop-and-go moments in the rain which totally threw my stomach all over the place and I had to STAY IN BED for about 3 hours after we got home yesterday because I was so sick that I could not function.

Can you get dramamine in daily doses? You know…because it seems now that life just makes me car sick.

Let’s just gloss right over the fact that I was going to drive home because I’m much more alert at 4am than Donnie is but I had a hard core panic attack in the rain in the first two miles of the drive. I’m a high anxiety driver anyway, as evidenced by my repulsion of unprotected left-hand turns. But to that: RAIN! CITY I DON’T KNOW! DARKNESS! and it turns out I’m a total mess and my poor husband who just rolled out of bed so he could go back to sleep in the car suddenly had to be AWAKE! ALERT! AND READY TO DRIVE! two hours in the rain and darkness home.

He’s a saint, I tell you.

But! Other than the perpetual motion sickness and the anxiety attack, the trip was great. We saw two great live recordings of our favorite podcasts, we had a great time visiting with the friends who went with us, AND I got to visit the Parnassus book store which just happened to be next door to the Fleet Feet Nashville which we had to visit because Donnie had a prize gift card there from a stage race he did in Tennessee this summer. SERENDIPITY LED ME TO AN INDIE BOOK STORE! It was lovely and I spent stupid amounts of money there which doesn’t make me feel bad because…INDY BOOK STORE!

I also took several naps both Saturday and Sunday and read a book that is probably going to stay on my permanent Top 10 list: Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe. It’s been out for at least 5 years, I think, and I have NO IDEA why no one I know who has read it has not forced me to read it because it was EXACTLY my favorite kind of book. It had LGBTQ themes and complex family dynamics and three-dimensional parents (I hate YA Book who write parents as boring paper dolls) and complicated emotions and it was LOVELY. I gave up on E. Lockhart’s new book to read this one and I’m SO GLAD I DID. I loved two of E. Lockhart’s other books but this recent one – I could NOT get into it. So I put it down and read Aristotle and Dante… in about 24 hours. That’s a good way to spend a weekend.

I also finally hunted down these wings that I’ve loved since I saw my sister-in-law’s picture of them earlier this year. We had to wait in a short line (which was MUCH MUCH LONGER later in the day) and it was totally worth it. I love those wings and I love this picture. Thank you, Nashville, for giving us enough awesome that the constant motion sickness didn’t ruin the weekend.

2 thoughts on “Elevators, Books, and Podcasts…Oh My!”

  1. I get motion sick and it has gotten worse as I have gotten older. When I fly and many times when I go on road trips now, I have a set of pressure point wrist bands that I wear. You can find them at any drug store. I have been wearing them since I was a kid (I would get airsick) and they continue to work wonderfully.

  2. I stared at the doors of glass backed elevators. Thats why I find the one at the airport that leads to the baggage area panic attack worthy just to look at. So the alternative- the escalator. Which isn’t much better- because it goes down and its skinny. Now up escalators- no issue at all. Then there are tunnels. We were in Utah for 2 weeks. The route we chose from Bryce to Zion has a tunnel- a long tunnel. I was getting tired of keeping my eyes closed. All this just to say- you aren’t the only person That hates those glass elevators

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