A Week Of Awesomeness. And It’s Only Thursday.

I rolled back into town Tuesday night from seeing John Green in Nashville around midnight, and woke up at 5am yesterday morning so I could have time to do some cleaning before going to work because last night I hosted a…wait for it…BULLET JOURNAL PARTY! People who were interested and people who were active came together in my home and discussed methods and techniques and supplies and it was SO COOL. I have a small house now, and we still haven’t bought a dining room table, so I had to drag in our outdoor furniture to make sure everyone had enough places to sit.

It was AWESOME! But then I was up kinda late putting the house back together again as we go out of town this weekend to Nashville to see a few of my favorite podcasts do LIVE SHOWS!

Needless to say, I almost overslept this morning. Thankfully, my Mom has been sending “Good Morning” texts to our family group message and that woke me up! THANK YOU, MOM! The kids would have been late to school without you!

The trip to Nashville Tuesday to see John and Hank Green in person was AMAZING.

We got there early enough to score 2nd row seats, but then decided the first row above the balcony might be better AND IT WAS. When John Green came out on stage he was on that side and I felt like I could FEEL his nervous energy as he read from the book and I just spent a few moments listening to him and sending all of the positive energy I had in his direction because he has been such a positive light in my life and I wanted to make sure he could feel that, somehow. Is that weird? Yes. Surely.

The show was great, the brothers were hilarious and Hank is just as full of energy on stage as he is on his videos and it will be a night I’ll remember forever. Not the least because I went with this guy:

We just had a great time together and we talked and laughed and he drove because I don’t do cities or traffic or driving well, and he also navigated us around downtown because he’s been to Nashville so much and I do not and I have a horrible sense of direction. It was just a great night and felt very much like going out with a friend who loves the same author as you and, y’all? My kid is great and I just love hanging out with him. I’m so glad he’s living in the same town as me and I’m so glad he’s open to these adventures together.

I’m tired, this week is insane (Double soccer tonight! The madness never ends!) but it’s been so full of love and joy already. I’m blessed beyond measure.

4 thoughts on “A Week Of Awesomeness. And It’s Only Thursday.”

  1. You look so deliriously happy! And that set-up at your house looks really cozy and inviting. Glad you’re having a good week.

  2. My daughter is wondering how early you got there. She is planning for her trip to see them here in Washington.

  3. Our show was general admission and started at 7pm. We got there at 4pm and there were only a handful of people in line, so we went to dinner and came back around 5pm and it still wasn’t bad! We got second row seats, but only because they reserved the first row for handicapped ticket holders. We ended up moving to first row on the balcony and it was MUCH better. I don’t know how Washington will be but 2 hours early was PLENTY for us!

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