Systemic Racism

It’s Another Blog Post About Racism.

I hate how Facebook shows me some sort of comment on every link. I don’t want to see the comments on anything ever. EVER. Unless it’s MY post or MY link. DO NOT SHOW ME UNSOLICITED COMMENTS.

This was on a link about Oprah. I couldn’t let it go without addressing it in some capacity and since I don’t engage with trolls on Facebook, I’ll do it here.

Hi Jared,

So it seems you believe that “White Privilege” means all white people have it easy and “Systemic Racism” means no person of color can succeed. By these incorrect definitions. both concepts are easy to shoot down with one Black President and one White Coal Miner.

So let’s step back. Your definitions are wrong, so your arguments are false.

Both of these concepts actually just relate to the same simple concept: The systems we have in this country are built in a way that favors white people.

You look at these disparities and if you are not of the belief that white people are inherently less criminal at their cores, then you might explain this like: Minorities are more likely to grow up in poverty which comes with a lot of causality to becoming more criminal. And this is kinda true, maybe they can’t live in safer neighborhoods, maybe they’re zoned for crappy schools, living in poverty does DEFINITELY create a situation where the cards are stacked against you. So, let’s look at the numbers on poverty.

No matter what your data source, we always find that there are less white people living in poverty than people of color. This is where it gets trickier to find an explanation that does not end up sounding like “Black people are lazy” or “White people work harder” to get out of poverty.

But let’s say you still want to fight the idea of systemic racism, Jared. Let’s say you still want to fight against the idea that the systems in our country favor white people. BUT YOU DON’T WANT TO CLAIM WHITE SUPREMACY. Now, I do believe a lot of people who want to ignore systemic racism deep down do believe white people work harder and black people are lazy. But very few admit that so let’s assume, Jared, that you don’t want to admit it either.

What is the down side of fighting against systemic racism? Experts agree that if we start with equalizing education from early childhood we can do wonders to remove the disparities in poverty and incarceration. The disparities in the education system start the chain if inadequate treatment. What if we dump enough money into the education system that EVERY school gets enough per student no matter the property taxes in that area. If people who are trying to fight systemic racism say: IT STARTS WITH EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION, what is the harm in that?

Or what if we’re looking at criminal justice reform?

Most activists propose easy-to-support ideas like dumping more funding into police departments for training in de-escalation techniques and training police to exhaust non-lethal methods before resorting to lethal violence and better pay so we can recruit men and women at a higher skill and education level to police our communities. They also want to end for-profit policing and privatized prisons. These are all ideas that the average person supports, what is the harm in that?

I just don’t understand why you, Jared, and people like you – are so against those of us fighting systemic racism. If we “succeed” in pushing any of the policies we support, it just makes everything better. It won’t hurt you AT ALL. Better schools help EVERYONE. Increasing funding for education and increasing police pay (This is NOT the same as INCREASING POLICING, that’s a hard pass for most of us on the Black Lives Matter side of things) as well as improving training improves the lives of everyone. Why do you fight that?

I’m 100% certain I won’t change your mind, Jared. You seem committed to your stance. But maybe someone in the middle who has been unsure where to stand will read these words I wrote to you and see the bigger picture and not just say, “If Oprah Exists, There Is No Systemic Racism,” which was your point all along.


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  1. I think the response is also, just because Oprah CAN find success in a system full of racism, doesn’t mean that there weren’t racial, familial history, financial history, etc. barriers to her success that she had to fight against along the way, in addition to the usual effort required for success.

  2. It reminds me of the meme about how equality isn’t pie. It doesn’t mean you, person upholding a system that favors white people, will get less. It actually means that you will get the same, or even BETTER.

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