The Quest For The Power Lip.

My Dad got me a subscription to Seventeen magazine when I turned thirteen so I’d have some sort of regular instruction about things like hair and makeup. Although that didn’t stop me from abusing the lavender Wet-n-Wild pallete to the point that one of my teachers called me out about it in 7th grade and I was so embarrassed I told her it was actual pastels that I must have gotten on my eyelids in art class.

And then I went to the bathroom and sobbed while I was washing my face.

I’ve always been interested in makeup but I never really knew how to wear it. I never bought anything other than grocery store makeup, save for the periodic friend who sold Mary Kay. The most I really ever consistently wore was eyeliner and mascara, although I did spend the acne years covered in foundation and powder.

However, over the last 15 years or so, I stopped caring even enough for regular eyeliner and mascara. I just kinda gave up because I didn’t really know how to do it.

And then E – who used to work at Ulta – gave his sister all of the free samples he got from the makeup store and suddenly she became interested in makeup. And with her interested, I became interested again. Perhaps if I’d have known about the eyeliner stamp I wouldn’t have had as much of a problem applying it.

SO! Last weekend I told her, “I want to find a power lip color!” We went to Whole Foods and spend 30 minutes picking out 3 different types and colors of lipstick. I wanted a dark red, but not an apple-red. We bought a gloss, a stick, and a balm. All 3 different shades of dark red.


When we got to the car? And tried them all on? THEY WERE ALL THE SAME COLOR. And none of them very powerful.

Nikki counciled me that she thought I needed to look at matte lipsticks, so! I went to Target the next day and looked in the Revlon section and found this one:

I like the color a lot but it doesn’t really stay on well. It smudges off pretty quickly and leaves the outline so it looks weird. BUT! If I don’t mine reapplying? It’s totally my power lip.

I still have no desire to do more than eyeliner and mascara but I think that combined with the power lip is PLENTY. And suddenly? I’m a makeup wearer again! I’ve worn eyeliner and mascara EVERY DAY THIS WEEK. Of course, I had to buy my own eyeliner because Nikki’s was liquid and too difficult, but I am 42 years old so it’s probably okay for me to NOT borrow my 11-year old’s makeup every day.

7 thoughts on “The Quest For The Power Lip.”

  1. It looks really good! I think the thing to remember when buying red lipstick is that there are “cool” reds and “warm” reds. Now I can’t for the life of me remember which is best for which skin undertones (despite voraciously reading Seventeen in my teens), but I do remember that much. 🙂

  2. There are tons of make-up vlogs that N might like to watch. My”grandchildren” did that all the time at my house. In fact one of them wants to be a small business owner and at the moment, she wants to do cosmetology specializing in make-up.

    I thought you looked great when I saw the pictures of 3 cavesAs for lavender eye shadow, I was told by a make-up person at a diva night at Fleet Feet that lavender made green eyes pop. So its my usual color of choice. Sometimes I wear a light bronze. The best lt bronze I have found was at earth fair- Its natural minerals and pricey, but I love it.

  3. Love the power lips!!
    I wear mascara occasionally. I’d love to wear eye liner but I don’t know how to properly apply it or what to get.

  4. I love it, that looks great on you!! I’m pretty much the same way, and I found this lip stain at Sephora that works great. I actually have to scrub if I want to get it off, sometimes. It’s really a pretty reasonable price, too, probably comparable or only slightly more than a drug store brand, and you can test the colors in store. I wear the Pink Souffle, #6 for every day…and I have a red, but I don’t remember what color it is and it’s at home.
    https://www.sephora.com/product/cream-lip-stain-liquid-lipstick-P281411?skuId=1646876&icid2=products grid:p281411

  5. I really love the lipsense stuff- it stays on for such a long time and doesn’t smear. It’s pretty much the only stuff I wear anymore and it always looks good! Plus the colors are great. If you don’t know someone who sells it, I can add you to a group my friend runs on Facebook!

  6. Pretty! I’ve just recently discovered eyebrow pencils and shaping…it’s a game changer! I think you’d look great with some power brows to match your power lips 🙂

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