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The Hay Is In The Barn And My Girl Power Is Stored In Spades.

In 48 hours I will start a 48-hour run in which my goal is to complete 100 miles or more. I have a couple of different strategies in mind. There’s the WE ARE DOING AWESOME AND ARE SCARED TO STOP! strategy which entails running and not stopping to sleep until we’ve hit the 100-mile mark. There’s the WE ARE DOING FINE AND FEEL LIKE WE NEED A GOOD NIGHT’S SLEEP strategy which entails us running about 60 miles/20 hours and then going to our hotel for 8-10 hours and then coming back to run the final 18 hours/40 miles. There’s the WE ARE DOING TERRIBLE AND IF WE LEAVE WE’LL NEVER HIT 100 MILES strategy which means we just keep trudging and maybe just napping in my tent on site when we’re desperate. Either way, I am 100% confident I’ll hit 100 miles barring any physical ailment that I can’t overcome.

And do you know why I am confident?

Is it the training? No. I’ve had decent training but not perfect training. Is it my base level of fitness? No. I’ve had much better base level fitness in the past.

It’s my girls.

I’m going with the two women I’ve trained with the most over the last several years and I just have this feeling that with them? Anything is possible. These two have talked me down from ledges and through challenges and over mountains and through storms and I believe in their power to push me more than I ever believe in my own power to push myself. Our paths would have probably never crossed without running, we live in different parts of town and live different lives outside of our running shoes. But I’m so grateful the miles have brought us together because I feel like with these two? Anything is possible.

See you on the other side with a 100-mile belt buckle in my hand and my girls by my side.

8 thoughts on “The Hay Is In The Barn And My Girl Power Is Stored In Spades.”

  1. Have you also considered a couple 2 or 3 hour naps in the tent. Of course I have never done a multi- day race, but my husband did a 3 24 hr runs and a 100 miler . Once we all slept in a tent trackside (I have a daughter that when she was small could sleep anywhere) Once I drove home in the middle of t he night from Atlanta, because he was done with it and wanted to leave!

  2. Good luck ladies!!! Take care of eachother (and my sister)!

    I always like to remind people of the three rules of endurance races someone told me a long time ago:

    1. You never know what your body will do that day
    2. Anyone can go downhill fast
    3. Be the person your dogs think you are.

    Don’t have a dog? Well I told mine about your race and she is confident you are super heroes. Blisters, chaffing, general body stink and all.


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