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I’m sitting at the car dealership getting my car serviced and it’s 1000 miles overdue. At least according to the flashing numbers that count down my oil life. The warnings to get my oil change start when there’s only 15% of the oil life left. I watched that 15% dissolve into 10% and 5% and 1% and then it started counting down the negative miles I was driving on 0% oil life.

The funny thing is, those number appear where the odometer normally shows. My car believes once it’s time to get an oil change (at 15% life) that I need to be aware of that more than my mileage. This annoys me because I don’t like the reminder so the second I start the car, I push the odometer reset button which clears the alert.

I’ve been doing this for almost a month. Clearing the message to tell me to do something.

I’m a chronic procrastinator. But it’s strange. I don’t procrastinate everything, but once I delay something beyond when I “should” do it…it’s like I can’t do the thing until IT IS BEYOND OVERDUE. 99.99% of these chores and tasks could be easily done yet I prefer to stress about it until well beyond when the task should be done.

EXAMPLES: I either put up clothes the second I get them out of the the dryer, or I put them in a pile in my room and then I add the next 4+ loads to those same piles until someone loudly complains about being out of clothes. I either turn in my library book a week before it’s due, or a month after. (That doesn’t make me feel so bad since the money goes to a good cause.)

I either do it immediately, or I push it beyond late.

I’m not lazy, I live a busy life, but it’s like I like to self-sabotage. Or, more realistically, I can’t relax without stress in my life. Like there’s a part of me that needs stress and so I push it on myself when it’s unnecessary.

You would think that the awareness would help keep me from falling down these procrastination traps, but it doesn’t. Well, it causes me to sometimes do the thing IMMEDIATELY, but I still put things off once I miss that “IMMEDIATELY” window. There’s no middle ground for me. I either do it long before it’s required or I do it weeks after.

Anyone else?

9 thoughts on “Overdue.”

  1. Same.

    I have a good amount of things I’ll take care of, no problem. But there are a handful of things I just let slide and slide.

  2. YES!!! Same here. I am the worst kind of procrastinator!! And I have passed it on to my son. I have run the gamut from self-flagellation to nonchalant acceptance. I’ve been trying to figure out if it’s an ADD thing or executive function deficiency, or just habit. The worst for me is forms–oh the forms!!! I successfully registered my kids for school this year online (at 11:00 p.m., the night of the deadline, of course) but I did not upload the documents required to prove residency. How hard is it to grab a utility bill and scan it and email it to the school, right? Apparently, it’s near impossible. *Sigh*

  3. That is so interesting!

    Here is my similar thing: I don’t do a thing that I fear might be a waste of time in the long run. For example: I have some in-good-shape Nerf guns my son has out grown. I need to photograph them and put them up for sale on Craigslist…because, hey, every twenty bucks counts right now. But I keep putting it off because I fear it will be a waste of time because maybe no one will even respond to the ad, or if they do, they will waste my time by not showing up, etc. So, there they sit in a couple boxes in my entryway, and I keep stressing that I haven’t done it yet, while at the same time stressing about the clutter…for like TWO MONTHS now!

    Sigh. I totally get you. (PS: I’ve needed an oil change for months, too. Ha.)

    xo, Lucy

  4. Yup. A chronically disorganized chronic procrastinator. It’s another big shame trigger for me.

  5. Yes to the do it immediately or procrastinate. Yes to the its almost like I am punishing myself and trying to cause myself stress. We are in the same boat on this one

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