Update on the Zoo

I’m not sure if I’ve updated everyone here, but both of our remaining pets (when I started this blog we had FIVE) have been given terminal diagnosis. Sunflower – my cat – has liver failure and Sweetie has cancer. Since they’re both older than they should be (Sweetie is 14, Sunflower is 18) then we just monitor their quality of life and wait for the time to make the decision we’ve made with the other pets before.

This week it seems like everyone is getting worse.

Sweetie is now needing to go outside several times in the middle of the night which has me, basically, sleeping on the couch so I can doze off and on in between her trips. This also means I hear her claws click on the floor and immediately wake up because, Is she going to the outside door or just relocating? If we don’t see her at the outside door she barks and I don’t want her waking everyone up so I my subconscious is constantly listening for her walking to the door.

This does not create the best night sleep, as you can imagine.

Sunflower’s eyes are getting yellow and she’s losing weight and now she sometimes screams for no reason. I then go to her and hold her (in the middle of the night – of course) and then she happily purrs. That’s the thing, both of them are still definitely living good lives, they’re not in pain and they’re happy a lot of the time, but I feel like the end is near and also I AM NOT GETTING ANY SLEEP.

It’s a hard thing, though. Donnie is not a cat person and never has been and I don’t see him ever allowing us to get another cat again, so I’m really struggling with Sunflower fading. I wasn’t a cat person either when I adopter her and Bambi during my single Mom days. They were guilt adoptions for E since I was divorcing his Dad and I was hoping cats would make him happier. I quickly became a cat person.

I think Sweetie is fading slower. Her original tumor doesn’t seem to have grown back (it grew so fast in the beginning and they couldn’t get it all out I thought for SURE it would be back) and other than the constant trips outside, she’s fine. I mean, they’re both old and sleep all day, but she seems happy too. I think we have awhile longer with her.

But my sweet Sunflower…I feel like I’m starting to count her good hours as I count her bones I can now feel through her skin. The periodic cries for love are painfully sad even though the purrs of joy when I come to her and lovely. I feel like the day is approaching soon. I’m going to miss her when it comes.

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  1. Poor babies. Please give them extra snuggles and head scritches from me!

  2. We had to put my beloved cat Harriet to sleep last year – I got her as a post-college single lady and when she died I was a married-for-15-years-mother-of-2.

    All my sympathy – losing a pet is so hard.

  3. I’m so sorry. We made the decision to euthanize our 13 1/2 yo fox terrier back in January. He was losing sight and hearing, and he was losing all forms of continence. We never knew when we’d step in something. He’d even walk up next to us and just let loose, with no warning at all.

    We went on our “familymoon” the following week and returned home on Sunday night to my 9 1/2 yo great dane’s joyful greeting. The next day, she was a different dog. By the time I realized how bad things were, it was too late; she died on the way to the emergency vet. It was TRAUMATIC. I am still grieving her loss. BUT, I am also enjoying the freedom being pet-free allows… not having to worry about how long I’m gone from the house, or who can watch them if we need to leave town.

    I hate that you have these decisions to make, and I know it’s not easy. Just know I understand the love you have for your furbabies.

  4. Oh honey I wish there was something I could do from here. Give Sunflower hugs and kisses from me ok? Sweetie too just because
    I love you

  5. Aww sweetie you will miss her. I had to put my dearest kitty companion of almost 15 years to sleep in April. She had kidney cancer and the last month was so difficult, monitoring her quality if life and deciding if this was the day. You will know when it’s time. Doubley rough that your dog is poorly too.

    Hugs xx

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