Reset. Refocus. Recharge.

Yesterday was PERFECT. My alarm went off at 3:30am, I snoozed a couple of times but got up and ran 5 miles before getting the kids ready for their first day of school. I packed lunches, I blogged, I did all of the morning domestic items I usually do. NO PROBLEM.

This morning was terrible. I was allowing myself to “sleep in” after two 3:30am mornings but I kinda overslept and didn’t get up until 5:45am. Then I remembered I had to do that 23-and-me kit that Donnie ordered so I spent 10 minutes trying to spit in a cup to the “fill line” which I had to do BEFORE MY FIRST CUP OF COFFEE and it was THE WORST WAY TO START A MORNING EVER. I heard it was one of the Best DNA Test for Ancestry from 2019-2020 so I’m looking forward to the results, I just wasn’t in the mood to do it this morning! Then the kids were grumpy and Donnie and I fought about my inability to properly read/understand instructions. (Me: I READ THEM. I JUST INTERPRETED THEM INCORRECTLY.) I didn’t run (although that was the plan) and I am now blogging before I log in at work which is not usually how I roll. And most tragically of all: I DID NOT GET MY MORNING BATHROOM TIME.

(Yes. We’re talking about my digestive cycle. I’ll try to keep it polite.)

Here’s the problem: I have to try not to let the way my day started ruin it in it’s entirety. Typically when my day starts this crappy, I spend the rest of the day binging all of the foods to make myself feel better. I throw being a plant-based eater out the window and I cram all of the foods no matter what their ingredient in my face and bask in the healing powers of my own gluttony.

HOWEVER – I’ve been on a good 2-week stretch of controlling my emotional eating urges, so I really don’t want to falter today. I did down an entire bag of granola bites when I got to work, but that’s not unreasonable. SO! I need to do three things: Reset. Recharge. Refocus.

RESET. I’m having a cup of coffee at work. I always do this, but I’m trying to look at it as my first cup of coffee. I’m starting my day over. I’m sipping it and thinking about the day ahead and trying to reset my energy so I’m not riled up about spitting in funnels and packing lunches.

RECHARGE. I’m listening to one of my podcasts that makes me laugh. I’m taking 20 minutes while I drink this coffee to giggle a little at the silly McElroy brothers. I’m filling my cup up with good energy to push forward instead of the rushed and frantic energy of my morning behind me.

REFOCUS: I’m looking at my bullet journal and my to-do list and getting my mind right for the day. What all do I need to do today? I’m focusing on the tasks in front of my instead of the scattered morning behind me. I’m thinking about potential ahead instead of missed opportunities behind.

Who knows whether or not it will work! I may binge on cheddar biscuits from the bakery downstairs in 15 minutes. BUT AT LEAST I AM TRYING, right?

4 thoughts on “Reset. Refocus. Recharge.”

  1. I know you had a crappy start to your day, but the image of you angrily spitting in a funnel at six in the morning is too damn funny. (Definitely a better idea to leave spitting in funnels for the end of the day.)

    Hope the rest of your day is much better!

  2. Oh, man – I WISH. You have to go 30 minutes without eating or drinking before you can spit and I have learned in the last few days there are NEVER 30 MINUTES WHERE I WONT EAT OR DRINK. So morning SEEMED like the best bet until I realized how hard it is to spit that much.

    I better find out something entertaining from that stupid test or I’ll be pissed!

  3. Trying is awesome! Getting back on the right foot is hard, but all you can do is try. If you take a step back, it’s not the end of the world, but if you take a step forward, awesome!

    My mother just did the 23andme thing; I’m looking forward to doing mine, but not to the spitting in the tube art. Gag!

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