The New House

But first! Let’s rehash the old house so you can really get a feel for the complete downsizing we did.

  • 4100’ish square feet
  • 5 HUGE Bedrooms. 3 were big enough to have full seating areas within.
  • 3 full baths (2 with double vanities), 1 1/2 bath
  • Huge laundry room with mud sink and cabinetry
  • 1 formal dining room
  • Huge eat-in kitchen
  • 2 living rooms
  • 2-car garage with 15+ ft ceiling
  • Shit-ton of closet space. 4 different walk-in closets.

Now! The new house when we bought it:

  • 1500’ish square feet
  • 2 bedrooms, 1 normal sized master bedroom
  • 1 full bath, 1 VERY SMALL 3/4 bath
  • Stacked washer/dryer in the garage – no laundry room
  • Dining area as part of living room
  • Small kitchen that COULD BE ENCLOSED COMPLETELY by shutting pocket doors if you desired. (I DID NOT DESIRE.)
  • One living room
  • 1-car garage
  • Minimal closet space. No walk-ins anywhere.

This house is perfect. It’s 2 miles from downtown where Donnie works. It’s spitting distance from a trail head where I run all winter and Donnie runs all year. We have a neighborhood pool which we joined. It only takes 20 minutes tops to make the house presentable and it already feels like home.

Buying a house isn’t something that happens in your life very often but it is a very exciting time for everyone involved! We had no trouble selling our old property either, when selling via an estate agent, they take care of most of the hard work, like drawing up floor plans and all the photography for you. All we had to do was focus on finding somewhere brand new which was so much fun.

We particularly love our new garage and have been recommended garage door repair, should we need it. The kids start their new schools today, but for now? Let me show you the Before/After of the kitchen/fireplace remodel.

Because the house is older and needed a lot of “not fun” updating (foundation repair, electrical, plumbing) we got a good deal on the house and some help from sellers with the “not fun” repairs. Even after getting a 15-year mortgage (had the typical 30-year on the old house) we still had money for one “big” project before moving in.

We considered doing the bathrooms (the master is so small you can barely stand in it) but instead decided to open up the kitchen and create an eat-in area/island. This has worked out GREAT since we still can’t find the “perfect” dining table to fit the space in the living area. We are very in love with our new house and we both feel it’s put our dream of moving into one of the stunning Homes in Orange County back a fair while because we’re so happy with our new home!

OH! And all of the shiplap you see? It was done with the wood paneling they tore down from the kitchen walls! How cool is that?

(We still need a dining table and we’re going to paint the inside of the fireplace solid black.)

(Edited to add: I tried to take the “after” photos from the exact same vantage point, but it’s hard to tell on these because the reference points change. BUT! If you look close you should be able to connect windows/doors to see how they’re taken from the same point of view.)

16 thoughts on “The New House”

  1. You really had vision–I absolutely can’t look at something and think….”oh, it could look like this…move this here, take a wall out will be great!”
    Can’t do it.
    Brain doesn’t work that way.
    I admire your ability to see the potential.
    (that was a little profound wasn’t it?…….)

  2. Our contractor had the vision! And it had to be modified a bit as some strange obstacles stood in his way. We mainly said “We want this as open as possible!” and he did the best he could 🙂

  3. The kids don’t! We just don’t have a bedroom for Eliah in the assumption he won’t be moving back home 🙂

  4. I love the new house! The reno is great and so well done> I love smaller houses. We are now in the biggest one we have ever owned- 1800 SF.I love t he resourcefulness of the recycled paneling. We have the poles in our great room /dining room (which is now serving as a workshop/sewing room). Ours are just contractor white- I am thinking they would look great covered like yours- probably with a lighter stain so that it matched the cabinets in the living room

  5. It looks really fantastic and airy. And I love your purple chairs at the counter! I’m very happy for you and your family.

  6. Wow!!! SO great!! I LOVE the dark wood beam and how the mantle matches…and that furniture cabinet on the other side of the wall from the fridge. GREAT job! No wonder you are in love with it! I can’t believe the difference it makes taking that wall out! How exciting!!

  7. Very nice! We recently moved, downsized 1000 sq ft and added a person (my mil). Not loving it yet. Have a bunch of stuff to get rid of.

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