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Two-Snooze Morning

One of my super-powers has always been to wake up without an alarm, often times before 4am. This was usually true no matter when I went to bed, although I would set a backup alarm if I had a REALLY late night and needed to get up early. I also rarely struggled to fall asleep at night, tending more often to struggle sleeping until a normal hour.

A lot of that has changed in the last year. I don’t sleep as well any more, I toss and turn a lot. I don’t fall asleep as easily and many nights rely on melatonin. And I use an alarm many days now. As a matter of fact, I probably use it more often than not, anymore.

This has been a battle with my pride because I don’t like using an alarm and so many mornings the last few weeks I’ve tried to get up for a run and failed because I didn’t wake up in time. I was struggling with having to set an alarm (although it’s pretty normal since I was wanting to wake before 4am) so I just kept “oversleeping” until the late hour of 5:30am.

This morning? I sent an alarm. I set it for 3:30am with the intent to start my run at 4:30am. It’s not 4:36 and I’m not out the door yet, but that’s because I hit snooze…TWICE. Yes, not only am I using an alarm but I’m also hitting SNOOZE. Something I have probably done more in the last few months than I’ve done in the entirety of my life up until the last few months.

I know it’s just all part of life, and that I’m still able to wake up by 6am on my own, sans alarm. And to many that’s still a super power. I shouldn’t be too hard on myself, but it’s difficult to get used to waking to an alarm (although mine is a lovely sound) when you just woke up on your own for so long before.

I’m also going to run in the dark this morning which I hate doing, but I’m trying to cram in as many miles this week as possible and there’s not a lot of room since it’s the first week back to school and I have huge work responsibilities this week.

So I’m an alarm girl now, on early-run days. I’m struggling to accept this.

Luckily, I still have the amazing napping super-power. I can still nap anywhere (as long as it’s not too hot) and any time. I’ll continue to enjoy that magical gift even if my morning wakeup one is gone!

3 thoughts on “Two-Snooze Morning”

  1. about to return to bed for 2nd snooze. Retire then the alarms go away. I wake at 6 or 6:30 to go to the bathroom, Then the cat and dogs want to eat. Yesterday, I stayed up- ad when 3 PM hit- I hit the sack for an hour – so nom its 7 AM and I am headed back to bed

  2. I feel you. I was like you until I started peri-menopause and now my primary symptom is sleeping problems. I NEVER had those problems before. My friends say I can sleep standing up at the Super Bowl on the 50 yard line, so losing my sleep superpower is horrible.

  3. I hate exercise, but got into this year for my mental health (anxiety, depression). I go to Orange Theory, which is a workout class based on high intensity interval training, with the goal being your heartrate in a certain percentage zone, etc etc. My problem was with my schedule…to be able to go consistently, I go to a 6pm 1 hour class.

    Well, apparently the Lexapro I’ve been on for years can cause restless legs, which I’ve had occasionally. But then exercise can make it worse!! So I was having so much trouble sleeping, because of my legs refusing to relax.

    My doctor told me to take magnesium. If you soak in Epsom salts, that’s what you’re getting…magnesium sulfate. Apparently magnesium is easiest absorbed through the skin, but I don’t have time to take a bath every night, so I take a capsule. It helps with restless legs. But…side benefits, it helps with sleep, and also helps with depression.

    So maybe see if it would help you?

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